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Outbreak Competition

The Dark Aether

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So this idea stuck out to me, for the active members of the discord/forum I was thinking of an Outbreak competition. Now this would honestly just be a friendly competition, but the objective is to see how far you can go. 


It would start asap, end in a week's time at let's say midnight central time zone. 


The two challenges would be how far you can go on Outbreak Solo and Outbreak Squads.


(I would say if you do the squad challenge try to have 4 people, but if you can do it with 2 or 3 I say go for it.)


This would work on an honor system, and screenshot your final score. Of course no game breaking glitches/exploits. 


The reward will be entirely up to mods. I was thinking of maybe your own custom color for either here, or the discord server, and your own bragging rights tag. 


If someone wants to throw money in this be my guest, but I'm broke 🤷‍♂️


Thank you for reading this I really hope some of you get excited for this because I really wanna see just how far we can push our skill. 

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