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This thread will be updated as more are found.

Requiem (5/5)

Audio Logs (1)

"Focal Point" (Location: At the Rocky Defense Area, look up at the data center where it is floating in the air. Shoot it down to activate it.) - Requiem Berlin Station Chief Meyer warns Weaver about a developing situation in the divided German capital.


Meyer: This is Heinrich Meyer, station chief, Berlin -- Office of Requiem. Weaver, we have a developing situation over here.

Meyer: Reliable HUMINT places Dr. Aleksandra Valentina of KGB-Spetsnaz Omega Group here in West Berlin.

Meyer: She was observed scouting several locations in the city. Objective unknown.

Meyer: This is very distressing, to say the least. Dr. Valentina is directly involved with Omega's interdimensional research. If she is here expecting, or intending for something to happen...

Meyer: Weaver, we have been very fortunate so far that most of Omega's operations have been in remote, rural areas.

Meyer: Berlin, on the other hand, is the focal point of the Cold War. The world is always watching us. If they were to launch an op here...

Meyer: I have a team trying to intercept her communications. I will alert you should they succeed.


Documents (3)

"RE: Funding Allocation 1" (Location: Acquired through killing a mimic.) - Carver sends Weaver a memo regarding increased funding to Energy Research and Unnatural Sciences.


Marked July 6, 1984



FROM: Carver
SUBJECT: Funding Allocation


Weaver, I'll cut right to it: I'm concerned. Have you had a chance to review the Director's latest directive on funding allocation? Because if you read between the lines it looks to me like priorities are shifting, and not in the right direction. I'm reaching out to you about this first, just in case I'm overreacting -- but also because it's me and you who could end up getting screwed here.


We both signed on with Requiem for the same reason: to shut down these outbreaks and use whatever we find to stay ahead of the Soviets. And, yes, Strauss and Grey have contributed some valuable things to our weapons development. But now, just when my people in C-S are chomping at the bit to build more Aetherium-powered ordnance, the Director wants to funnel more of our budget to the lab-coats than to those on the front line. Check the numbers if you don't believe me.


Look, we've taken on a hell of a challenge with Operation Threshold. That is one massive outbreak zone to explore and pacify. We both want to give your strike team a fighting chance. Can you have a word with the Director about this? I know the other departments have their place in this fight, but they are supposed to be supporting us, not the other way around. At least that's how I see it.

"RE: Funding Allocation 2" (Location: Acquired through killing a mimic.) - Strauss sends a memo to Grey regarding their increased funding.


Marked July 7, 1984



FROM: Dr. Strauss
SUBJECT: Funding Allocation


My dear Dr. Grey, we don't speak often enough, but I have always sensed we have more in common with each other than with the men of war we work with. So I hope you share my pleasant surprise that the Director's latest funding allocation appears to place increased value on our work. This could not come at a better time as Operation Threshold presents us with our greatest opportunities yet to advance our respective scientific disciplines.


Nevertheless, I would like to urge caution as we move forward. And by that I mean caution in our interactions with our fellow department heads Weaver and Carver. As the Americans are fond of saying, "this is not my first rodeo." I have seen how military men react when they perceive that they are being short-changed. Now more than ever you and I need to present a united front and make good use of this increased funding while at the same time not alienating other departments. Promise them the moon if you must, but let them see us as partners rather than competitors.


You should know that I have already spoken about this with the Director himself. Rest assured we have his full support. While I am certain Weaver, or especially Carver, will attempt to redress this shift in priorities, I am confident the Director will stay the course. He is well aware that with enough time and resources we can unravel all the mysteries of the Dark Aether from what we are encountering in the Ural Mountains.

"Berlin COMINT" (Location: Acquired through killing a mimic.) - ???


Marked May 10, 1984


MEMORANDUM FOR: Grigori Weaver

FROM: Station Chief, Berlin


Sir, I am writing to alert you that we recently intercepted communications between Dr. Aleksandra Valentina of the KGB's Omega Group and a suspected operative here in West Berlin. We have done our best to track her movements and activities since she arrived in East Berlin last week. While we are still trying to determine the precise purpose of her visit, the contents of this intercept support our suspicion that Omega is setting up a major operation here in the US-Occupied Sector of the city.


Transcript of intercept (translated from German)


VALENTINA: "Need update on site."


UNKNOWN CONTACT: "Readings confirm membrane permeable. Has date been determined?"


VALENTINA: "That is not up to me. Just keep your people read to mobilize."


UNKNOWN CONTACT: "Acknowledged. However, some starting to question if this is even possible."


VALENTINA: "Eliminate the doubters. No margin for error. Ground must be prepared."


UNKNOWN CONTACT: "Understood. Will make example of them."


VALENTINA: "Good. But do so quietly. Do not lose element of surprise."


We are currently working to identify Valentina's contact, but cannot match with any known Omega or KGB asset. I will keep you advised of our progress.


Heinrich Meyer

Berlin Station Chief


Radio Transmissions (1)

"Nose To Nose" (Location: In the Data Center, top floor.) - Berlin Station Chief Meyer is increasingly nervous about a certain visitor to his city.


Meyer: Weaver, this is Meyer -- Berlin Station Chief. Urgent question: did you get the memorandum I submitted on Saturday? If so, why is there still no response?

Meyer: Forgive me, but I do not think anyone at Langley grasps the seriousness of the situation. Dr. Valentina is here. In Berlin.

Meyer: This city is divided. East and West are nose to nose here. If she does something... drastic, the consequences could go global -- in the worst possible way.

Meyer: Just... please advise how best to proceed. Personally, I'd like a Requiem strike team en route here right now, but I leave that decision to you.




Omega (2/2)

Audio Logs (1)

"Half Of The Reason" (Location: In the Scientist's Quarters in the village, under a bed.) - Kuhlklay meets with Valentina for a secret transaction.


Valentina: Is this everything? Surely there is more.

Kuhlklay: I assure you, Dr. Valentina, this is everything.

Valentina: Research on membrane permutations? What about the particle distortion modules?

Kuhlklay: Everything you need on targeted dimensional breaching is there.

Valentina: Otlichno.

Valentina: Have it delivered to this address.

Kuhlklay: You are not taking it with you?

Valentina: Is there a problem with my order?

Kuhlklay: No, no, I just thought--

Valentina: --thinking is a dangerous thing, is it not, comrade?

Valentina: Have it delivered to the address. Make sure you are not discovered by Peck.

Kuhlklay: Believe me. He is half of the reason I am doing this.

Valentina: And other half?

Kuhlklay: Why... for the good of the Motherland, of course.

Valentina: Of course. For the Motherland.


Radio Transmissions (1)

"The Colonel" (Location: In Peck's bedroom in the village.) - Omega Group's leader gives Peck one final chance to redeem himself.


Kravchenko: Dr. Peck. Do not speak. I have no stomach for excuses. Just... listen.

Kravchenko: Outpost 25 has fallen. You failed me. Ever meet anyone else who failed me? Nyet. They are all dead.

Kravchenko: However, we are receiving your research. That is the only reason I am willing to... overlook your transgression. But you will make it up to me.

Kravchenko: The Americans and their Requiem group post a threat to our operations. You get one more chance to keep us ahead of them. One.

Kravchenko: And you will deliver.

Kravchenko: Now, forget about Requiem. Gorev will handle them -- and their mole -- personally.

Kravchenko: You will focus on your work. Give me something to show Moscow we are not wasting their resources.

Kravchenko: Kravchenko out.



Maxis (3/3)

Audio Logs (1)

"More Bad News" (Location: In the area beneath the OPC, near pipes.) - Ravenov warns of expanded Omega Group activities in Russia's Ural Mountains.


Ravenov: It is not fun being on the run - But you know that better than anyone.

Ravenov: I have news. Bad news.

Ravenov: Omega's operations are expanding rapidly - in the way we feared most.

Ravenov: We have noticed an uptick in activity deep in the Ural Mountains - More people coming in every day. There's talk of a... 'special operation'. 

Ravenov: As I said. Bad news.


Radio Transmissions (2)

"A Tangled Web" (Location: At the Rocky Defense Area.) - I have written these names, over and over...


Maxis: I try to write it down.

Maxis: But the words still escape me.

Maxis: I see what I have written and I barely recognize it.

Maxis: My name is Maxis, Samantha Maxis.

Maxis: This, I know.

Maxis: I was on a mission. I am still on a mission.

Maxis: Ravenov.

Maxis: Weaver.

Maxis: I have written these names over and over.

Maxis: They must be important.

Maxis: But not as important as 'Endstation'.

Maxis: What a tangled web.

Maxis: I know I seek requiem.

Maxis: Solace.

Maxis: Peace.

Maxis: I pray that they are the same thing.

"I Made A Promise" (Location: At the Rocky Defense Area.) - I wish I could have kept you safe.


Maxis: I don't know how or why, but I am remembering.

Maxis: I was angry before and I am so sorry.

Maxis: That wasn't me. If it was - It really wasn't who I wanted to be.

Maxis: I made a promise.

Maxis: A promise I couldn't keep.

Maxis: I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry. I wish I could have kept you safe.

Maxis: I didn't.

Maxis: Maybe that anger made me do things.

Maxis: Things I wish I hadn't done.

Maxis: I may regret some -- but others, others I meant to do.

Maxis: Peck... Peck... Peck. *spits*

Maxis: He deserves whatever damnation I have brought upon him.

Maxis: I hope he burns...

Maxis: In a Hell worse than mine.




Dark Aether (5/5)

Audio Logs (1)

"Lost Souls: Fedorov #2" (Location: Acquired through trials.) - This place, it plays tricks on you.


Fedorov: Fedorov, Omega Group. We have been reassigned from Aetherium mining duties. That task now falls to... vermin. Enemies of the state.

Fedorov: But now they expect us to map the "Dark Aether" -- that is what Peck calls this place. I would like to see him try to survey this... madness.

Fedorov: I have seen things out here. Unspeakable things. And today... bozhe moi.

Fedorov: Usually, large groups of the infected are... chaotic. Mindless mobs. But today I found hundreds of them strangely grouped.

Fedorov: And their clothing... were they uniforms? I dared not get too close, but they looked like...

Fedorov: No. No, that cannot be right. It surely cannot be.

Fedorov: This place, it plays tricks on you. I... I just need to get some sleep.


Documents (3)

"Day 6,421" (Location: Acquired through trials.) - The Stranger relates how they survived their encounter with the Trader and his gang.


Day 6,421: I must be honest with myself. I knew there would be no truce with those men. I knew it would end in bloodshed.


They stole my crucible, but they did not understand what it was. Too bad for them I had already used it on my own weapon.


5 men and I still outgunned them. 5 human lives. Too easy.


Why don't I feel worse about killing them? Is my humanity slipping away? Will I end up just another beast prowling this land?

"Day 6,457" (Location: Acquired through trials.) - The Stranger returns to their transmitter project, hoping to warn the world about the Dark Aether.


Day 6,457: Finally starting to shake off dark thoughts. Cannot allow myself to sink into savagery. This land will not break me.


Technology is the key. I am only alive because I rebuilt that crucible. Must keep working. Must keep building.


I will return to my transmitter project. Someone will answer my calls. And I will warn the world of the threat it faces from this place of darkness.

"Much More To Tell You" (Location: Acquired through trials.) - The Stranger signs off, promising to return.


My friend, I will share more journal entries later.


I hope you have come to understand what my life has been like over here. I would not wish it on anyone.


I have so much more to tell you; things I hope you will find useful in the struggles to come.


But for now, I must go hunt. I will contact you again soon.


Radio Transmissions (1)

"Crooked House" (Location: Acquired through trials.) - There was a woman that I met...


Pyotr: There was a crooked man, and he went a crooked mile.

Pyotr: He found a crooked sixpence against a crooked stile.

Pyotr: He bought a crooked cat, which caught a crooked mouse.

Pyotr: And they all lived together in a little crooked house. 

Pyotr: There was a woman, that I met.

Pyotr: Her gait was far from crooked.

Pyotr: She told me never to lose faith.

Pyotr: In spite of how I looked.

Pyotr: She told me that I was not worthless.

Pyotr: The German accent threw me off.

Pyotr: But her words inspired me nonetheless.

Pyotr: I will - We will - Fix this crooked house.



Thank you Thor for several of these.

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