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Easter Egg Discoveries


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I figured out some new developments on the Firebase Z Easter Egg.


After turning the power on, go talk to the guy behind pack-a-punch again and he will give you a keycard.  These open up 3 lockers around the map where the serums are located.   One serum is on the first floor of the village just past the first door you unlock to get to the teleporter.  The second is on the walkway below the left aether charging station.  The last is in the colonel's office.


Once you have all 3 serums, go to the lab tent between the data center and the barracks and collect the device sitting on the table next to the tent door closest to the scorched defense.


Next, go to the left aether charge building (OPC), go to the second floor, and walk around the back right side between the OPC and the stairwell to closed globe-shaped structure where you will find the air conditioning vent and place the device on it.


That will blow the "truth serum" down into the doctor's office in that same building and he will start to dance around.  The voice will tell you to go to the data center (center aether charging building) and go to the second floor in the back left and interact with a panel that will have 4 aether trap devices like in ghostbusters and you have to trap 4 certain zombies into them.


More updates to follow as I discover the next steps.

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1 minute ago, getitmac said:

After turning the power on, go talk to the guy behind pack-a-punch again and he will give you a keycard. 

He did? Okay I missed that because I wandered around aimlessly. Did you already found the eye (the "key") for the irisscan?

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2 minutes ago, getitmac said:

Yes, I did every wonder weapon task but it still said it needed more parts for some reason.  Maybe a glitch, or maybe something new haha  I got all 4 pieces, did the dart board, and charged the cell for 2 rounds.

Definitely a glitch, a really sucky glitch since the rayk is so good. You can still get the rayk from trials

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