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Trevor J. Constable & the floating Jellyfish


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Guten morgen liebe leute!


Yesterday I played Die Maschine for the first time, and upon doing so it cannot be unseen that when entering the Dark Aether, a bunch of what seems to be floating jellyfish can be seen hanging in the air. It is rather interesting, because entering the Dark Aether doesn't seem to alter the map itself (except for distorting the magnetic and gravitational field), but these large blobs suddenly appear here out of nowhere. Or are they...?

Everyone seems to think these are Jellyfish. I think these might be  Apparitions of Parachutes — maybe the first Marines who dropped into Nacht!  They did say in the reveal not to

Enter Trevor James Constable, an early UFO writer born in 1925. After reading about radionics and Wilhelm Reich's 'Orgone', also referred to as Life Force or Ethereal Energy and previously connected to the old storyline by no one else than our boy @caljitsu, Constable became convinced that supposed UFOs were in fact living organisms. Amoeba-like creatures that inhabited our sky, but existed outside of the "infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum". Though therefore not visible with the naked eye, they could be detected with certain types of radar. He mentions these creatures to inhabit another electromagnetic dimension, physically overlapping ours. The book he wrote about it, the Cosmic Pulse of Life, can be found here


He also mentions that in etheric studies, magnetism is seen as the local concentration of life ether. "UFO" encounters can upset the normally fixed concentration of this etheric force between the pole pieces of a magnet. In other words, the presence of the Jellyfish generate magnetic anomalities. That made me curious, is this why certain objects float in the Dark Aether, just as the corpses of zombies float to the sky once their life is released?


The idea that these creatures are omnipresent, all around us, but simply "on the other side" of our reality is a fearful thought. Perhaps we will encounter them more often later in other maps as well.

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