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A Guide To The Final Reich

Jacob Vickers

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The map "the final reich" is confusing  when you first play it, and even once you've played before! These are 'the Basics' to get down with.



 The spawn area is a small area that may seem useless, but besides the disposal tube in tower, you will need this area. you want to get enough jolts to open the door when you spawn, but in solo mode, buy Lebenblitz immediately! in co-op mode, if you happen to die, and your partner finishes the round, you will respawn, and may run to the Retrieve chest to get your loadout (excluding blitzes) back.


                                                                  TOWN SQUARE

The town square is where you will find the 2/3 valves that power the generator. The next thing you will want to do is earn 1000 jolts to buy the next area; Riverside. if you already know about the town, the well, & the power, skip to riverside. hello, everybody, if you're reading this, than you're humain and you want to learn more about town. there is a well that has a generator, and 3 lights (by now, 2 of them should be green), and a bunker door. the lights represent the valves, and the well (once exploded for the first time) can be used as a trap to kill zombies. don't worry about your safety, because you will be blown out of the nearest exit. body armor can be bought, and as all of the call of duty games go, lost.


SO Sorry, but I won't be continuing this for a while, but a moderator has helped me with some of this. thank you, Sir! in the meantime, checkout (and please do subscribe) to my channel!



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