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Der Wunderfizz & 'Out of Stock' Buttons


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With Der Wunderfizz stocked with Perk-a-Cola's in six of it's ten slots, do you think we'll see a return of other Perk-a-Cola's and have them added into universal Der Wunderfizz machines?

Preexisting Perk-a-Cola's not included in the game:

  • Double-Tap Root Beer: Increases Rate of Fire.
  • Electric Cherry: Area of Effect Lightning Damage to Zombies during Player Reloads.
  • Mule Kick: Allows player pharacter to wield three weapons.
  • PhD Flopper: Negates self-inflicting Damage.
  • Vulture's Aid: Zombie's drop ammo, other misc bonuses.
  • Widow's Wine: Zombie's that hit player are temporarily webbed.

Imaged sourced from Reddit

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Potential Spoilers Ahead - READ AT YOUR RISK


According to leakers with access to Greyhound, sound files were found of Perk Jingles and Dark Aether Perk Jingles for the following four Perks:


Double Tap 

Mule Kick 

PhD (Flopper/Slider?)



While not 100% certain, having Dark Aether Jingles certainly increases those odds, assuming the leaks are legitimate.

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