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Main Quest EE Issues


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I've come across two issues that have been repeating themselves that don't allow my games to progress the Easter Egg. Going to watch a variety of tutorials and see if I can figure it out, but I find it odd. So far, I've been using the Easter Egg info-graphic seen on Reddit as well as NoahJ's video.

  • While working on the Electrobolt, the third power crystal has yet to spawn. 2 of the lights light up, indicating proper progress, but the crystal in the pond has yet to ever spawn.
  • The plasma cutter in the weapon room has never spawned. I've obtained the fuse. I've read and watched that all of the portals need to have been used in order to spawn it. I'm confident I've achieved such.


A bit curious to see if anyone else has had similar issues or maybe even a small technicality I'm overlooking. *goes back to watching videos*

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Deekz, if you're looking for group, may I suggest the Discord? (Link on the top right of the main page or click here). In there you will find a channel called "# [🔍] teammate-finder" I wasn't posting looking for a group. There were intricacies in the Easter Egg that I needed resolved and resolved them I have.

For the plasma cutter, the the Weschler Machine (in the Medical Bay) needed to be powered on before spawning. Placing the fuse into the machine can not be done before hand. The fuse/plasma cutter unlock the box on the truck bed in Pond.

As for the electrobolt crystals, if they don't spawn in the Dark Aether, I have learned that there are other tasks of the easter egg that can be completed instead. Or, it's just a very bad RNG portal spawn, and they should spawn next Dark Aether Portal.

Easter Egg nearly complete. Seems I had a bad spawn with the lighting blocking all entrances to Pond to Exilftrate. Tried to squeeze through one, got stuck in the lightning. After self reviving, was still stuck in the lightning and ended the round. Will try more solo runs today. Pretty sure I can get it.

Edit: Added Discord link.

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Apparently in the latest patch they fixed some of EE parts that kept "timing out", maybe that fixed the Dark Aether Crystals that don't spawn in? Not sure what else fits the description for that since I've only done it once and had no issues (aside from not getting the calling card which isn't a big deal since it's an easy EE).

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