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SNN Multigun cheats.


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WaW-only cheats for pc, or next and old gen consoles, but not for BO nor BO3 reprints.


Basic 'unique to SNN' gun cheat to have more than 2 guns, solo or mp:


Requirements; Have 2 guns (for Storage and Communications room, I recommend Start Pistol or Wunderwaffe as 1 of the 2 guns, for their movement speed). Spam the ?box until it moves to any hut. The 2 main building box spawns will be useless for this glitch.


Then open the box, and make sure that it's a gun (not the Molotov or it won't work). Buy the perk and grab the box gun while drinking the perk. The gun will get put away at the time the drink should be done, but it remains in inventory. You now have 1 more gun and gun slot until you bleed out and respawn, basic downs will not take it away. You may trade any of these guns for any other box or wall guns at will.


If you're at Storage or Comm(unications) rooms, then have the start pistol or WW in hand, buy the perk from the edge of the machine nearest to the box so you reach the box gun before you finish drinking the perk. The last gun in hand before buying the perk dictates your movement rate while drinking it (start pistol and WW seem to be lightest). It can definitely be done at all 4 huts, I've done them all countless times personally (there was a rumor that it could not be done at these 2 huts, because folk did not understand the movement rate factor).


You can be downed and get more than 6, but usually 3-5 guns is best or it gets annoying cycling through them. Trench Gun and WW can get you easily past 100, so the other gun(s) is just for the fun of it.


#######(10.10.2020 update)


Extra Bouncing Bettie(s) on SNN and Der Riese: A simple bug that does not work on Zombie Verrückt BBs. Drop 1 BB, keep 1 in inventory until end of round, then place it. If anyone gets Max Ammo while you have only 1, your BB count goes back up to 2. It will do nothing if you have zero BBs (if you already dropped both).


#######(10.10.2020 update)


?Box (mystery box) and Bouncing Bettie gun cheat: Like the NDU cheat, but highly effective and much easier.


Requirements: 2 players, at least 1 Bouncing Bettie, points for up to 3 guns from the box (or more), Helper player (downs self) needs a hand grenade. Note that 1 player must down themselves and lose a small portion of points (and all perks, so do this before buying perks). You can get 3 extra gun slots (and guns) per downing if you do it fast, try 2 guns at first so nobody bleeds out, as that bleed out time is your restriction. You may get Molotov, which won't hurt the cheat, but it will not give you a gun slot.


Cheat: Same as NDU, Helper player downs themself with a grenade at one end of the box, they still have this grenade somehow, so throw it away so it is not near the box. That's all Helper must do, you are now at the mercy of the Benefitting player.


Benefitting player (BP) must have at least 1 BB and points for up to 3 guns. BP stands at an angle facing Helper and Box. BP hits the box just as the Helper goes down (to conserve time), then JUST BEFORE the gun appears, start reviving Helper. Now box gun appears, BP immediately taps BB button (dpad right or pc key), and almost immediately hits action button (X, triangle, pc key) to take the box gun. (Repeat actions above once or twice): You may now hit the box a second time, just before gun appears, start reviving, hit BB button, grab gun. Third time, hit box, hit BB, grab gun, revive player just before he bleeds out (again, do it once or twice at first, to practice. Do it thrice once you've mastered this easy cheat. Don't let your friend bleed out). Then you swap roles if desired.


In a 2 man game you'll want to make a slow crawler and drag him away for time reasons, but in 3+4 man games, someone can zombie sit a zombie or crawler.


This is the same as in Zombie Verrückt and Der Riese.


#######(10.10.2020 update)


Zombie Magnets: At this moment I can't recall many on SNN, but many wallbuys and the perk machines may work. The small dock in Comm Room area works (walk out of CR Hut, look right to see dock), rub against the small end of the dock to attract a few crawlers to it to buy time for box cheats above. There is a spot along the middle path of Storage that snags you, this occasionally acts as a zombie magnet, rub against it (like scratching your back).


More to come...maybe.

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4 hours ago, anonymous said:

You keep coming with these insanely usefull glitches, thank you for that. In which game's SNN does this glitch work?

There's plenty more on the way when I get a chance to sit and type.


These are all WaW only. They will work on nextgen consoles too, but only on WaW itself, not BO remakes, nor the BO3 remakes.


Edit: The only gun cheat I knew after WaW, was in BO and patched immediately: if you install BO on a fresh console not connected to internet, or disconnect from web and delete all updates, this should work: BO1 Cheat (any map); hold both 'grenade' buttons (shoulder buttons on console), then buy a gun (X or square) while still holding the other buttons. It was the easiest glitch and would crash the game if you had too many guns. You could have 3 guns on round 1 in the start room. 


So all of these other glitches will be WaW glitches, and I'm posting under WaW only.

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BO glitch
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Get past 100 in Solo with ease (WaW only): I'm just tagging this on the end here for any who do not know this simple strategy.


Requires WunderWaffe (lightning gun from box) and Trench Gun (Wallbuy shotgun, first floor of main building, by Storage door) and Bouncing Betties. No cheats required.


Dog Rounds: Every 3-5 rounds (usually 5), dogs attack you and drop Max Ammo when they're all dead. I recommend fighting them while standing in the unused alcove between Storage and Doctor's Quarters. Use the Trench Gun (shotgun) as it will always 1-shot-kill dogs. Fill this area with Bouncing Betties to make it easy. Edit: Fight at the front edge of your BB minefield, back up slightly as they go off, so 1 dog does not blow up too many BBs. Only back up if getting hit mostly (use discretion). Starting in the rear of the alcove, make a BB line down the center and then against each wall, then fill in more if applicable. 


Main Strategy: When you are ready, open the Comm(unications) Room door if not open already. 


Head out and walk counter clockwise around the boardwalk. You will need to do 2 loops until like round 40ish, when you can do 1 wide loop and gather all zombies. Eventually they load even faster so that you speed through rounds.


Weapon use: each round when all zombies are behind you, carefully, slowly, fire 3 Wunderwaffe shots to kill all zombies as you near the main building. This will clear them all out. You get 18 shots, in 4 rounds (between dog rounds) you will use 12 shots on zombies, leaving 6 'emergency shots' over the 4 rounds if zombies block your path as you approach the end of a loop through the 2 small path-huts (this may kill enough that only 2 more shots are needed to clear the round, but maybe not, so be as frugal as possible).


When dogs come, go to "Dog Rounds" tactic above.


That's it. In just a few hours you'll pass round 100 bored out of your mind.


Tip: Use the extra Bouncing Betty glitch above, ending each round in the main building so you can drop the unused bettie(s) and drop 1 at next round start.


Good luck!

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