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Question about Revelations.

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I know this must have popped up somewhere but I can't remember. Whenever you use the jump pad and it takes you to like one of the floating pieces of the other maps like Kino Der Toten or Der Eisandrache, are those like the real places or are they like reconstructed to what the primis crew has experienced.

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The cutscene kind of shows the areas getting teleported into the area, as the Shadowman screws up Monty’s Perfect World. So, in a way, they are kind of a liberal reconstruction? That said, a lot of these places are kinda fundamental places from the whole story. So, if you ask me, I think it’s a bit of both. Or, “both”; in the way that Primis/Ultimis’s shared souls have experienced.


...and also, of course, an asset farm. Because ZC needed them in the engine SOMEHOW.

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An interesting question and one we cannot find a definate answer on. It could be real physical places, like Meh said, but in that case I'd wonder why of all places on Earth exactly those places? Therefore I am inclined to say it has something to do with the characters theirselves as well, as all of these locations have been visited by either Ultimis or Primis at some point (since we know they share a soul). Maybe the pressence of the children, which are seen to play with zombie toys, even has it's relevance? The toys resemble characters and objects from earlier maps after all, perhaps Revelations is based on their imagination or something?


I like your idea about it being parts of memories. You might be interested in this thread: 

In a comment I also shared another possibility: that the locations are very real and they are located both in the normal universe and Revelations at the same time, coexisting. Remember how scientists at Verrückt could hear the children in the House? How we hear knocking on the walls when playing Verrückt? Perhaps that is the 'other side', the Revelations side. While Primis ventures through e.g. Revelations' Kino der Toten area, scientists might be working in the real version of Kino der Toten in the normal universe. Same location, simply a different dimensional layer, if you get what I mean.


Anyway, that's just my rambling. What do you personally think, @xXCRUMZXx? Welcome to CoDZ by the way, the place where we all love theorizing like this ?


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