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AH, so we finally got to ROME.


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IX, Voyage of Despair, Dead of the NIght and Ancient Evil are zombie maps that are part of another story, one without our familiar Nikolai, Tank, Takeo and Richtofen but a very interesting story nontheless: the Chaos story. Involves quite a lot of alchemy and old mythologies.


As for the original 'Aether' story, it is believed to have reached it's end now. I dont know how much of it you wanna know or if you want to go dark and not getting spoiled, but there has happened quite some stuff. Tag der Toten (Tunguska/Deimos), Classified (Pentagon) and Alpha Omega (Groom Lake) all contained quite some juicy Cold War intel, espessially concerning the Broken Arrow program and Ascension Group, with Blood of the Dead (Alcatraz) mostly involving in the evil/Hellish/demonic theme. We also got quite some character pathways ever since the end of BO3 and the comic series, which I have summarized here: https://www.callofdutyzombies.com/topic/190789-a-summary-of-the-recent-direction-of-the-story/ 


Note that these are untill Alpha Omega, so the last two maps are non-included. 

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