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A Summary of the Recent Direction of the Story


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So, before I will depart for my holiday, I though it might be nice to write a short summary of where the Black Ops IV Zombies story has left us, before continuing in the upcoming Alpha Omega DLC. And to note that both Classified and Blood of the Dead are still full of unsolved oddities.


Of course, it all starts with the the many speculated theories, mythologies and ideas about the Ancients, followed up by our story of the Original Universe: the story of Group 935 and the fall of Earth. As a side note, this summary won't be entirely chronologic, sorry for that but that is just the way it goes.



Classified tought us that during Ultimis's journey that follows Richthofen's Grand Scheme, they pay a short visit to the Pentagon as well. You see, after they acquired the Focussing Stone in Shangri La, Richthofen activates a teleporter of some kind during the Eclipse (1956), while Dempsey shoots a zombie with the Shrink Ray, overloading the teleporter and sending them through space and time. As the original plan was to teleport to Griffin Station on the Moon, Ultimis now find themselves in the Pentagon, year 1963. Samantha, in the timeless void she resides, sees her enemies popping up in another place and time, and rezurrects the present undead, among with the Pentagon Thief, upon assaulting Ultimis. Ultimis, however, eventually find their way out to Groom Lake, 2027, followed by the events of Moon. After Moon, the remaining subjects of Ultimis, as well as the braindead body of Richthofen, teleport back in time to Groom Lake, 1963 again. Here, they are captured by Broken Arrow which uses them as testsubjects for their experiments. 


Zombie Richthofen

At the end of Buried, Richthofen's previously aethereal soul is eternally damned inside the rotten corpses of the undead by Maxis. However, he somehow acquired the force to create oval, blue rifts (possibly due to the amount of Aether in his veins) and finds a way to his own dead body (presumably the one killed in the Giant?) and thus, the events of the comics happen(coming back on this later). After the end of these series, he teleports himself to Groom Lake 1963, where he encounters his own comatose body, touches it, and passes on his soul, reanimating his living body. The post-Moon Richthofen is in his own body again, though trapped in a cage by Broken Arrow. He and the other Ultimis await their fate.


Primis in the Cycle

On the battlefields of the First Great War, four heroes meet each other, later to be known as Primis. They travel to the Original Universe, 1943, where they formulate a plan to stop that dimension's Richthofen. Richthofen himself, however, is contacted from the House by Maxis, who warns that “The test subjects must never be allowed to be awakened, the havoc that could be wreaked upon the future by such simple-minded individuals would be catastrophic". 8 days later he is teleporter to the House, seperating him from the rest of Primis and reuniting him with Maxis. Maxis tells Richthofen the plan to secure the Kronorium and locate the Summoning Key. Primis is left in the Original Universe, untill Richthofen returns from his voyage (coming back on this later) with a spectacular comeback in The Giant, followed by the events of Black Ops 3. Between the collecting of Takeo's soul (ZnS) and Nikolai's soul (GK), they make a short stop in the Alcatraz lab. It is here where Richthofen gives Primis the Victis blood vials. 


At the end of their journey, Primis collect all souls and will fulfill Doctor Monty's demands, ending up in Medieval Northern France, where they assist the knights and Ancient Order of the Keepers to defeat the Apothicans. It is here where our heroes meet their end, excluding Richthofen, who somehow manages it to cryogenically freeze himself in a pod. Many years later, this pod will be transported to his own future lab, presumably by his future self.



Going back to the part where Richthofen just randomly teleported to the House (between Origins and the Giant), where he learned about the Kronorium and Summoning Key:


Hearing the echoes of his other selves, Richtofen discovers his connection with Samuel Stuhlinger and decides to use Victis to acquire the Kronorium. First, he travels to Dimension 63, where he contacts members of the Illuminati and enlists their help to build a laboratory facility beneath Alcatraz. After this, Richthofen returns to the House where he begins to communicate with Stuhlinger. Together, they persuade Victis to travel to a variety of locations in order to recover the Kronorium, rushed by the Undead Richthofen. Once succeeded, Richthofen and Victis meet in the Alcatraz lab where the German scientist obtains the Kronorium from Victis. Upon reading this, Richtofen discovers numerous timelines documenting their fates and learns about the Blood Vials, which he directly after secures from certain inmates of that realm's Alcatraz. Having obtained these, he travels to his WW1 self and gives him the inmates' blood vials. After this, he instructs his OG universe soul, who just found his own body as a host, to persue Victis, starting the events that just happened.


During this peruation of Zombie Richthofen, there is a point where it is able to collect Victis' blood samples. Once Victis' task is done and they are frozen in cryogenic pods, Zombie Richthofen appears to Primis Ricthofen, giving him the bloodvials of Victis. Subsequently, Zombie Richthofen travels to Groom Lake and this Primis Richthofen meets with Primis, just seeing Takeo commiting suicide, giving them Victis' blood vials. After this, the Richthofen makes a short stop in Morg City, where he obtains the Summoning Key, followed by his return to his buddies in the Giant.


This part is more confuzing than important, but it explains how Primis got the Alcatraz inmates' bloodvials, the Victis bloodvials, the Summoning Key and how Richthofen acquired the Kronorium, the Book of Time.


Primis the Cycle is broken

In the 1930s, Alcatraz falls in hands of the DOJ, making it a federal prison. The new Warden, a member of the Illuminati, appears to have contact with the  Apothicans through dark rituals. In exchange of absolute power, the Warden is told to set a trap for Richthofen and the other Primis, who will travel to Alcatraz in 1941 to acquire Victis's blood and the Kronorium from the travelling Richthofen. An Afterlife loop is created, eventually broken by the Weasel. The moment this loop is broken, Primis are trapped in this Alcatraz Pocket Realm, where the Apothican-influenced Warden is in control. Primis will be eternally tortured, brutally murdered and revived again, and the Book of Time is changed: Gorod Krovi, Revelations, Medieval Primis, it all never happens again. 


Now something happens I don't understand and if anyone, anyone does I would friendly ask him/her to explain.


Anyway, for some reason Richthofen steps into the Dark Mechanism, releasing the priorly cryogenically frozen Medieval Richthofen (who was transporter to the Alcatraz lab), who was able to slay the Warden. He also somehow acquired the Red Elemental Shard. As this Medieval Richthofen knew Doctor Monty would betray Primis (because he already did so to him), he had also thought out a plan to defeat Monty. He gives the Kronorium to Nikolai and tells him they won't be collecting his soul (as Primis originally was planning to do after their visit to Alcatraz), because it is vital he keeps it. Medieval Richthofen takes the Summoning Key of the dying Richthofen in the Dark Mechanism, and the latter's blood is used to create a portal, as it has a high amount of 'Aether' absorbed thanks to his many travels through Aether. Medieval Richthofen and Primis enter the portal and abandon the dying Richthofen in the Warden's Pocket Realm, and appear in Groom Lake, 1963. Here, they find the captured Ultimis, with Richthofen recently having obtained his soul again (via Zombie Richthofen). Nikolai asks them to follow, and to help in a Great War... Our eight heroes step through the portal.



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