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A Small Poem in tribute to Aether

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An abandoned airfield forgotten by time, to make first contact with Them.


Through the walls of an Asylum, haunted by years of torture and sickness.


Sloshing through the endless swamp of death.


Returning to where it all began, learning of the endless pain and suffering.



Traveling time and space to return to the Theatre of the Damned and the Doomed.


Secret military operations become exposed for all to see as the damned break free.


The countdown to the apocalypse, beginning at the Cosmodrome.


Eternal damnation of a ship-wrecked film cast in a frozen hellscape, minions to the doctor’s nefarious agenda.


Explorers stuck in paradise trying to find secrets far greater than them.


Where nobody can hear you scream, nobody can hear you plead for forgiveness.



Contact survivors of a fractured earth, hoping to win their favor.


Encourage the survivors to mend the rift in space time.


Eternal damnation, stuck in an endless loop of the same events throughout eternity.


Cursed to forever be one of Them, because the survivors followed The Other.


Flashback to where it all truly began, disturbing the grave of an Ancient Evil.



Witness the sins of the individuals who sought redemption in the wrong power.


Fools dare to change history to seek a better tomorrow.


The Frozen One awaits his demise in the heartland of the Knights.


The Betrayed One awaits his honorable death on a remote island of biological warfare.


The Agonized One waits to meet his other self, in order to let the Fool set things right.


The Fool’s plan doesn’t work, allowing the cycle to repeat until the end of time.



The Fool who tried to change history passes the torch to the Agonized One who vows to truly bring a better tomorrow.


Arriving at the secret military base to uncover the darkest secret of all.


They, were the ones perpetuating the madness and needed to be stopped. The Agonized One brings them all, to peace.



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The moon line gave me shivers.


Nice one!

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I'm almost inspired to write my own poem. This is awesome stuff. Keep on keeping on, my guy! I'd love to see some of the other stuff you write.

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