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Honest Opinion After 11 Years


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The following is based off the last 11 years of my life playing zombies.  I understand if you may disagree with some of my opinions, but all I can do is be as blunt and honest with you all. I enjoy this game very much and in no way does this represent my current enthusiasm for zombies. Its just what needs to be said so the questions that get me breathing irregularly  are those asking why the story is ending ? why the new story is not better? WTF is NEXTT? So I voiced in Discord...


 Its because zombies was never meant to be a story it was never supposed to be in the game but Mark Lamia gave it a chance This unique experience sparked a wild fire of interest. a few subtle Easter Eggs implemented during World at Wars 3rd and 4th DLC would mark the start of something bigger than they could of every imagined.
They took the response from WaW and focused in on the many ideas being thrown around by the community of Call of Duty Zombies. Many of those ideas are found in our Asylum section today. Call of Duty Zombie Forums didn't report the narrative they inspired it. The theories and discussions of correlating events in history was fascinating. There was a time when Zombie player felt like they learned more about history playing Zombies than they did sitting in class.
Over time this freak accident became a full on Story. We ended Black Ops 1 watch rockets hit and destroy the earth....so we thought. When Black Ops 2 was revealed the Hype was insane because those who completed the Easter Eggs new this scorched earth Tranzit map was a continuation. We are introduced to new characters and the community refused to accept it. The reaction was that their replacing the Original 4 character which I believe is the reason hes gone today. Jason Blundell would create Die Rise, MOTD, and Buried with Craig Houston in efforts to wrap everything together. Jason Blundell said that Mob of The Dead was a place he could try new ideas. (Afterlife, Electric Cherry, 4 Map Exclusive Characters) Call of The Dead was the 1st so the community new what to expect. The final DLC would attempt to give the zombies community some hope. Origins would lead us into Black Ops 3.

Treyarch was insistent that this would be their final Black Ops title. Treyarch on the other hand does not have any control on what the title will be. Activision makes the final call on what the next Call of Duty game will be called.
 Fast forward

Zombie Chronicles is released and the team is told they will make another Black Ops Title and they will be dropping the Campaign mode. Jason Blundell is the Campaign Head Director and was appointed to be the Head Zombies Director as well. A lot of morale was lost. 

Chaos was an attempt to Replicate something that was

1. never supposed to be a in the game,

2. never began with a story line, and

3. impact players so much they become emotionally connected.

The community completely disregarded Chaos because everyone has push this expectation of a story as great as Aether.

Aether isn't complete until the final map is released. When we have that last map then we have a full story line.


Honestly WaW was not that great, but over time the story got better and better. Zombies is better than it ever was hands down. I was 14 when I entered into Nazi Zombies. This Story line is finally ending during my 25th year here on earth.


 In my opinion It feels like I wasted my time when I think about it. After all the great theories over the years and interesting things I researched the game didn't let me down, the community and its attitude did.  The community shapes the future of Zombies and peoples reaction to Chaos left a bad taste in my mouth. Maybe its just because not everyone started 11 years ago. If you started during BO2/BO3 then I completely understand why you don't understand where im coming from. For some reason I cant help but feel the need to take any one back to bo1 and play through it all again. I have done it many times. I did it last month. Ill do it today, but of course will have to schedule.. 


As of now AlphaOmega has been the most amazing map, because all the things I experienced. All the things I actually played and completed.


(Not Watched someone else do on YT)

All of it is being tied together and we will have our final connection soon. I cant wait to have the full Story Beginning to End.


I worry the most about the newest Zombie Story, because I know that Aether is done.

I look forward to enjoying the last few moment with this journey, but every journey has to come to an end. The community inspired and helped direct the 1st story in Zombies.



Remember just because this Story is ending doesn't mean we don't have an opportunity to experience another. 


Thank you for all the memories and I hope that together we share new adventures in the future.


Your Fellow Survior,




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Chaos was not the only underrated one, and as a matter of fact I didn't really liked it because it was too much fantasy and too less reality/pseudoscience. I really liked WW2 Nazi Zombies: the horror atmosphere and the fact the story was based on real history and myths made it an absolute killer for me. Only the gameplay was a bit less, probably the reason it never gained so much fans. But man I'd love a similar sort of game/story, with all its darkness and gore. But I can see this is just subjective.


In my opinion, setting up a new story with success needs two things:

  • No/a very vague story: Remember how World at War had simply hardly any story, just seperate loose small easter eggs? I once read some old threads on the pre-BO1 version on this site, and the fantasy and sharpness of theorizers back in those days was astonishing. A zombie making a weird sound was theorized to shouting 'Sam', the name of the girl you can hear laughing when rolling the teddy bear. The developers accepted this idea. I also love it how giving hardly any story facts really creates discussions. People can see the storyline in such different ways. Think of all the attention given to the Hanging Man in SNN and cut-off hand in Verrückt. No one agreed with each other. The characters had hardly any backstory, so there were people believing Richthofen was Illuminati, CIA, and even alien. Imagine a developer says a new story/game begins, and the community will get something like the map Town, without any straight story-related things. I think our theorizing would produce more original stories than the developers initially could think of.
  • Make the developers people who like to create it as their hobby. Now I get the feeling it is created by slaves, making things for deadlines instead of fun. If you wanna make money, start giving your employees more freedom, respect and better conditions.
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