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CoDZ Meta Zombiologist Quiz

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Happy Sunday everyone!


Inspired by NaBrZHunter's 'meta zombiologists necessary knowledge quiz', I felt like creating something similar myself. Consisting of merely 10 questions yet, I think I will make a larger one in the future, or perhaps several ones of different levels. But the shortness doesn't mean the questions are easy...


Take a look, and prove yourself a hardcore fan worthy:



Oh, and feedback is always appreciated (concerning both the quiz itself and the questions)! For potential question ideas, just comment!

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Just took the quiz and received an 84%! A question though, why is Question 5 Multiverse instead of Aether? Perhaps the link you provided here explains it, but it went right over my head if it did: 

I assumed the question was referring to the chalk drawing on one of the maps that says Return Through Aether. I also wanted to ask where it was mentioned that Yuri passed on the diary to the Americans? Was it somewhere in Classified that it was mentioned?

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Ÿes, it must be 'Aether'. My bad!


About the diary, not sure what I thought when I created that question. Only thing that has been said was this:


Layman: Okay, last month our man inside the Ascension Group sent us copies of Doctor Richtofen's diary. I've been poring over it, following his research and...

Since Yuri had read the diary, I guess I assumed it was him who was the spy (possibly in ties with a vengeance action towards Gersch's attitute). There is no proof for this however, so I will change this question. Thank you for the feedback!

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