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So many things happened at the Island Facility site: coincidence?


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After the Rising Sun Facility was overrun, Unit 731's Division 9 located a new location for their new facility. This Island Facility was built at a site with three abnormal oddities:


1. It was the impact site of a 115 meteor, felt apart in three parts spread over the mangrove.


2. It was the location of Nan Madol, former home to of a tribal native population who have had contact with the Keepers. The walldrawings in Nan Sapwes room talk about this. Also, the hiroglyphics and drawings on the walls are the same as those in Shangri La, potentially meaning that the two tribes were in contact with or derived from each other (perhaps via Hollow Earth?).


3. It is home to a primal Apothican beast, called Chtulu. The arrival of this creature might have been the reason of the Keepers intervential with the locals.


All these events cannot be coincidence, right? They must be connectes. One thing must have led to the next thing. But how? This is what I think: What happened first was the impact of the 115 meteorites. Somehow this has led to the arrival of Chtulu (anyone any idea how and why?). The local tribe that settled there (humans settled everywhere on Earth so nothing special about that) came in contact with Chtulu, possibly some were even corrupted/enslaved by it. Thats where the Keepers came along, helping the natives in their battle against Chtulu and its forces. When defeated, the people kept holding contact with their ''gods'', performing all sorts of rites and such. Over the course of history, the natives built the ancient stronghold Nan Madol, disappearing in the 19th century by an unknown cause. When the Japanese arrived on the island, appealed by the extraterrestial rocks of which Group 935 got them interested in, the old city was already abandonned. But in the depths of the salty tropic swamps there was still something lurking...

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