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I personally believe, this could be the most interesting map out of the bunch, I just don't know if I mean that in a good or bad way. I mean this could be a map without any guns in a FPS. Zombies is known for (trying) to mix it up so it isn't too surprising.


I for one, and I know most of you won't agree, feel like it is finally the time to start a brand new story, so I am glad in that regard.

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The fact that it was shown first at the reveal probably means it’s the flagship map of Black Ops 4. The players will probably spawn in with melee weapons, but guns will undoubtedly be available past spawn. I’m interested to see where Treyarch goes with this, and where the characters are from seeing as they drink a special type of liquid to travel back in time.

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19 minutes ago, The Meh said:

Can we, like... talk about the music and cinematography-esque elements of this trailer?

The change of pace in the music at the 3 minute mark kinda ruins it for me. It just seems cheesy as hell, but other than that it is a enjoyable sequence.

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