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How the Aether could be Hollow Earth


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So, after we knew that Agartha is Aether, the community has thrown away the idea that Agartha is Hollow Earth, a subterrainian world. I could talk hours about this subject, but there just came an idea in my mind that I wanted to share.


Aether, and not speaking about the Dark Aether, is another dimension, right? Its a dimension discovered by Edward Richthofen, while doing experiments in the quantum physics. You might know that the light that we see is only a fraction of all the different waves around us. (FM, AM, TV, Alpha radiation, Bèta radiation, Gamma radiation, WiFi and X-ray to name a few others. There are moving waves all around us all the time, but only "red", "blue" and "yellow" (and a few more) are the ones that our eyes and brains actually can observe.


This was also the main idea behind the HAARP, DUGA and Group 601 conspiracies/stories. Mindcontrol through airwaves, through the Aether, as it is called in real-life.


Now in zombies the Aether is something else, but it is the same at the same time. The Aether is a complete other realm while it is among ours. It is not like a far away planet, it is more like the invisible yet extant radio waves all around us. It is here, while it is not. And I know it is odd to think a complete dimension as radio waves, but see it more as a comparison.



At the same time, there are countless stories of an magical underground world, an "Agartha", with tunnels and cave systems leading to it. So, I just learned that apparently, Earth's core is still one of the biggest mysteries on Earth, and no one really knows what is down there. One thing is certain: There is a huge quantity of radioactive metals down there. Remember Element 115 being a radioactive metal? An element is radioactive if it is unstable, if it cannot be held in the current form for a long time. After a while, it "falls apart" into the form/element that it "wants" to be, emitting radiation. 


So what if the large quantity of radioactive metal in Earth's core is 115? If ancient tribes have followed long caves and tunnels towards the core (which is sciencific impossible, but still) they would discover the 115. The enormous amount of 115 constantly falls apart and emits radiation, going in the form/place where it "wants" to be: The Aether, since the Aether is both a form (wave/radiation) as a place (Agartha). AND PLEASE DONT TRY TO GET AN IMAGINE OF THIS IN YOUR MIND, YOUR BRAINS WILL DIE!


It might sound a bit complicated, but I'm typing this all on my phone right now because I'm so excited. I wonder what you think about this. If this could be true, it explains the whole discussions around the Vril Ya and Keepers, around the underground world, the Aether, and we could apply this on how portals are created.


I'm just rambling. What do you think.

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I always thought there was some type of gateway at the earth's core, but I think your theory really sells the idea.

 Essentially, at the core of Earth is one big natural MTD; a chunk of element 115 that displaces itself into Agatha.


I guess my question would be if you think this chunk of 115 naturally developed as earth formed or was placed there by the Apothicons. I know Monty mentions the Apothicons seeding planets with 115.

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Yes! According to this theory, you could basically compare Earth's core with a MTD. A few major differences, of course: 1) An MTD sends (radiates?) objects and subjects through the Aether to another location in space-time, within our own 3D dimension, while the big proximity of 115 in Earth's core would radiate/send objects and subjects TO the Aether. 

Major difference #2: An MTD works alot different. How it exactly works is unknown (but man, how many ancient theories there are concerning this subject, including quantum physics, black holes and clone-forming), while the 115 in Earth's core would send you to the Aether because 115 belongs to there, and takes you with it (symbolic, of course).

Where the 115 in the core would originate from, I don't know. If it are the Apothicans who are behind this, they would start sending 115 to our planet even before it existed, so that seems unlikely. Maybe 115 is just naturally created in Earth's core, due to the circumstances there. Like, for example, there constantly occur atom fusions in the Sun's core, creating dozens of radioactive elements.

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I think the easiest explanation would be that the Earth formed with 115 at the core. It would also help break the Apothicon-grandfather-paradox from Revelations.

In the original timeline humans breached the core and came in contact with the Apothicons. It could have been some ancient civilization, the Vril-Ya (if they are not already the keepers), the Illuminati, Group 935, the Nazis, or Brock and Gary. This first contact started the never ending cycle of the Apothicons seeding Earth for assimilation.


An interesting thought- if all the 115 from the core of the Earth dissipates into the Aether, then that should leave one with a hollow earth, right?

I had another idea, but it slipped my mind. I hope it comes back. I thought it was a good thought too!

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