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Strange device after Easter egg


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On 11/15/2017 at 3:35 AM, FamedGazelle said:

They are just tape recorders that have dr straub talking on them in either audio or video form.  there are like 15 of them or something like that.

^^Exactly this. They spawn in regardless of whether or not you complete the easter egg (as I have collected all of them and have yet to complete the ee), and they are scattered around the map. When you collect them, they unlock recordings that you can view in Soldier>Dossier>Recordings (i believe, correct me if that is not the correct directory). Although I have not listened to all of them, I would like to say that they all pertain to being a prequel of sorts to The Final Reich.


If you have any interest in collecting all of them, HERE is a link to every location.




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