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The Final Reich Power Guide

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Unlocking the Bunker & Turning on power

When you spawn and open up your very first door, the first thing you will need to do is find 3 Pressure Valves around the map. Once you enter the Village Square you will notice just off from the middle of the area, a generator with 3 hoses coming out from it. These hoses connect up to 3 Valves which need turning on. To find the valves you can simply follow the hoses from the generator the the valve location. After finding one, you need to hold the ‘Interact’ button until you see the dial hit 60 accompanied by a ‘Green’ light. Since it can take a while to hit the 60 mark, try to clear the area before attempting the step. All 3 Pressure Valves are located in the following locations:

  • Valve #1 – Left of the Armor Station in the Village Square
  • Valve #2 – Left of the Bunker Door in the Village Square
  • Valve #3 – On the Riverside, Down the Slope

Once you are done with all 3 Pressure Valves, you need to proceed to the Bunker door to find a Grenade Turret. At this point, you need to interact with the Grenade Turret to cause it to blow a hole in front of it. Blowing a hole will cause Flaming Pests to emerge out of it. Deal with them and jump into the Tunnel. Once inside, interact with the generator to open the gate behind you and access the Bunker for 1,250 Jolts. Doing this will also turn on the main power supply.



Side note: Sorry for the lack of video guides. I currently don't have a working computer/laptop to use to edit and upload my videos but hopefully I can get one soon! :)

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