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Zombie Trailer Leaked / No Spoilers

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So today has been such a chaotic day with zombies. With only 5 days away from the big zombies reveal trailed for WWII, the gosh darn thing gets leaked. Very breaking for SHGames as they are not one bit happy.


Rumour is spreading that Glitching Queen was the one who “accidentally” leaked it and now it has been taken down. There are still some videos online of the trailer which I won’t link ask I don’t want to waste anything for anyone.


Although this happened, SHGames made a tweet that basically said the trailer was not finished and they couldn’t wait to show us the final thing. I feel upset for them as they have been hyping this up for so long and now it’s all gone just days before the official release.


Did anyone else see the trailer?

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I saw it start to play in a twitter comment on Queen's apology but didn't watch. No spoilers here but the 2 seconds I saw looked very creepy/horror like they said. 


It is quite hard not to get my hopes up for this. I have a fantastic feeling about it. 

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