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Level up an entire prestige in two hours with 2XP! {Ascension Power Vacuum Strategy}

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A nice simple, easy strategy that can be used throughout the various Double XP weekends I imagine we'll be getting throughout this whole Days of Summer thing we've got going on. A video showing the strategy in full will be at the bottom of this post.

You'll need to get to about round 70 (don't worry - as I said, this strategy is very easy!) to go from level 1 to max, which should take 2 hours or less - its very easy, doesn't require a complicated set-up and doesn't rely on luck too much. You'll be camping the first room/spawn for the entirety of the game. You might also choose to camp in the power room with the gate closed for the first 50 or so rounds, which is a little faster but gets pretty dangerous past 50-60, whereas the spawn is always easy. Either way, in the later rounds the spawn speeds average about 10 seconds per hoard with this strategy!

Gobblegums needed:

Power Vacuum
Kill Joy
Fatal Contraption
Reign Drops


You'll be camping the first room/spawn.

Get all perks from either Reign Drops perk bottles, or also use the Wunderfizz - avoiding Perkaholics or buying from machines will ensure no monkey rounds, which are crap for XP.

Get the Thundergun, Gersch Devices and two guns of your choice that have decent ammo, good fire rate and fast reload speeds. Assault rifles and SMGs are great (while LMGs like the Dingo are BAD because they reload way too slowly), but try and avoid opening any doors if you can and use your Immolation to pick up weapons, since opening the doors slows the strategy a little bit and not opening doors means you won't drop carpenter power-ups from your Power Vac! Also not moving the box means you also won't drop Firesales from your Power Vac. These both in combination essentially means a huge increase in the chances that we either drop an instakill, death machine or max ammo, which is what we want - the only other power-up that can drop is a double points or nuke. Speaking of which, don't take Nukes, especially in the higher rounds, if possible - they slow the strategy down and also steal your kills. It's not always possible to avoid them, but try to (don't get downed over avoiding them though!).
You do not need to turn the power on since you shouldn't run out of Thundergun ammo, but you can if you wish - if you get all your perks from Gobblegums and do not use any perk machines, we don't get monkey rounds, and we don't want monkey rounds because they're not good for earning XP and our Gobblegums, particularly Power Vac in the later rounds will ensure we never run out of ammo.

Use Power Vac, Kill Joy, Reign Drops and Fatal Contraption to blast through the rounds with instakills and death machines, camping in the area next to the Shieva and lander.

In the later rounds, you'll be better off getting Power Vac as often as possible, as Kill Joy and Fatal Contraption won't get you through rounds – so hit the Gobblegum machine at the end of each round, and if you run out of rounds on Power Vac then rinse the machine at the start of the next round. Use the Gersch Devices to buy time to use the Gobblegum machine.

Use death machines as often as possible.

Use your wall guns or whatever to kill during instakills when you don't have a death machine.

Use the Thundergun to kill half groups when you have no instakill or death machine.

Aim for the head for maximum XP.

When you get into the high rounds, hit the Gobblegum machine every round - you'll either get Gobblegums you don't want out of the way, or you can get another Power Vacuum to refresh the rounds left on it, even if you have rounds left on the current one (only do this if you have a lot of them). If you run out of rounds on it, hit the machine a few times in the next round, using the Gersch Devices to protect yourself - you'll make a lot of points anyway so you should have plenty to spend, until you get to the very high rounds. See 1:49:20 for a demonstration of how to do this safely, and keep in mind that when your Gersch Device activates after throwing it, you have 8-9 seconds until it deactivates and the zombies start attacking you again.

I'd also advise "dashboarding" at the end of the game or if you go down, to avoid losing your precious Gobblegums.


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11 hours ago, razm said:

Nice strat but it's gonna eat through your gobblegums.


That's why I said at the end of the written post, just above the video, "I'd also advise "dashboarding" at the end of the game or if you go down, to avoid losing your precious Gobblegums." ;)

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7 hours ago, ZombiesAteMyPizza! said:


That's why I said at the end of the written post, just above the video, "I'd also advise "dashboarding" at the end of the game or if you go down, to avoid losing your precious Gobblegums." ;)

I've never really tried dashboarding, does it still save the stats like highest round and level?

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14 hours ago, razm said:

I've never really tried dashboarding, does it still save the stats like highest round and level?


If you don't get the game over screen then you don't get the round on the leaderboards and for example, I've been to round 90 on Ascension just for the XP, but I dashboarded and I think my highest round is like 16 according to my stats lol. You get pretty much everything else though, like earned XP and diviniums, total kills, perks drank and a bunch of those other stats. With your XP though, you have to finish the round to keep that XP that you earned that round, so if you did almost the entire round on round 150 or something and earn a bunch of XP that round and then quit right near the end of it, you'd lose the XP you earned that round but you'd keep all the XP you earned in the other 154 rounds.

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