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Who has a map they love, and are the best at, but always choke on?


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Only thing that comes to mind is when the game first came out and it was made SO much harder. When you were running, if you got his you slowed down to a snail's pace and getting one hit often led to several and you'd go down more often than not. So with that and the servers being terrible and kept getting disconnected, I actually had a very tough time getting to round 50 on The Giant and it took me over 10 attempts, which for a map like Der Riese and a player like myself who has been playing since W@W and done countless round 100 games, it was ridiculous. Though the community kicked off about it being so hard to run trains as it was an integral part of what made zombies so popular and now it was sometimes impossible in smaller areas, and Treyarch put it back to the way it was before. Now if I play The Giant then round 50 is happening if I'm aiming for it, even though it's just a casual game.

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