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Finally did it

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After weeks of trying to complete the easter egg on solo, I was determined that if I did not finish it this week that I would take a break from zombies.


I woke up and was having a great game on solo. By round 14 I was ready for the boss fight, but held off until round 20 to make sure everything was good to go. I went into the boss fight confident and destroyed the dragon easily. But once again I had the same problem with Nikolai...he killed my ass.


Dejected, I went into a random public match. After having a near perfect game I abandoned hope of doing the easter egg. But I happened to run into super randoms and I was their 4th guy. All of us knew what to do and suddenly I had hope again.


During the game we lost a guy with connection issues, but the 3 of us finally defeated Nikolai! We did it!


Throughout my weeks long quest to complete this easter egg, I have come up with some tips:


1) Don't waste too much time with Nikolai. My team pointed out my flaw in fighting him. If you have the mark 3, unload on him.

2) If you keep coming close solo, a knowledgable team will get you over the hump.

3) We finished the easter egg in 1 hour, 17 minutes and got perma-perkaholic. I found no one wants to keep playing after a boss fight.

4) The gersh step is a pain in the ass and that prick can hide in the supply depot walls.

5) This is by far the hardest easter egg, if you are struggling keep pushing on.

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Congrats buddy.


I found this one tricky too. Especially as I couldn't find anyone to play with, I had to do it all by myself and the bombs were such a pain but I got there.


Have you finished all the EE's now or have you got some more to do? :)

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