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T-Virus: Return of the Tranzit Disease


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We remember the past.

We remember how it felt.

To find pieces to a puzzle.

The puzzle was never there.


I'd like to take us all back to Tranzit where players of all ages wanted more. Wanted something else. We have dubbed this the Tranzit Disease or the Tranzit Virus. It is an infection that drives our brains into a state of 115 delusion. We, as the true primis of our story, must overcome this delusion in order to see what is and what could be. Throughout the lifespan of BO2, we found that humans are fickle in their ability to cope with lack thereof information. The Origins cutscene alone left everyone in a state of hysteria. After being apart of a community that has for so long beat dead horses into a shallow pit, it was clear from Shadows of Evil that this T-Virus would become stronger and more powerful. The state of this virus right now is that of a disease that could end the storyline as we know it. End the obsession over a video game written as they skip along. This is the long story of how it all really began.


We heard voices scream.

We thought the voices meant something.

We followed the voices.

Until the voices became more.


Nacht Der Untoten, Verrukt, Shi No Numa, Der Riese. The first four maps to reach the population. Nacht was the fabric upon which we as players realized that there had to be more. More to the blood stained walls, more to the howling of the wolves beyond the steel bars. More to the seemingly clear name that the zombies would spout. Yet, there was nothing. Nothing more than an audio recording of someone screaming a name by accident. People consumed the flesh. People thought and had clear opinions about what was happening. No one ever had a clear answer or a grounded story. The T-Virus was getting it's nourishment. Verrukt introduced us to some concepts that weren't understood until years down the line, when the T-Virus was taking full effect. At first, Verrukt for most of us kids was just an asylum. A rip off of the campaign map and the multiplayer map which complimented the zombies story. However, the T-Virus began to eat us even more. We observed the writings on the walls. We hypothesized that these writings could have ever predicted the future events that we see in maps today. However, their evidence is that of a dilapidated city drawn on the walls which can be the premise of any zombies map to date. The T-Virus began a campaign of misusing common sense. Convincing it's infected to believe without using logic or comprehension of any level. Just believe. Shi No Numa presented a huge issue with the T-Virus. It showed gave us that small glimmer of hope that we might be right. We might be on the right path. The T-Virus isn't all bad after all. Yet, the voices in the machines that sounded ominously alien-like. The Telephone that spoke like a demon which followed shortly after was a song. The four cabins which, was observed at first to be the rooms of the four characters, is now considered to be that of Zetsubou's Labs of experimentation. Even still, the T-Virus played a sly game by having a ticket to Der Riese on the floor below spawn. We began to follow the signs. We began to observe even further and deeper. Yet, even still, there was nothing there. Come Der Riese and it's the pinnacle of our storyline. We discover that the T-Virus had been right all along. A Samantha DID exist, a Maxis DID exist! Events had panned out in a way that has left our universe in abomination and no information to present this case in a logical fashion. Yet, we pushed on, looking for answers in the smallest of corners. People begged for things like a secret Type 99 hidden within the map... To no discoveries. People even more so tried to convince themselves and others that there was more to Der Riese. Shooting the moon with Wunderwaffe would do something they said, Shooting the shadow of the Teddy Bear will make him dance they said. Nothing came to be. Besides everything that was discovered, all theories of "More" faded. The T-Virus explodes once a map is released because everyone suffers from the delusion that everything is possibly a step or an easter egg.


Our voices were heard.

With so much on the line.

We believed.

We were deceived.


As Black Ops came out, we received a bounty of new theories and ideas to help us uncover a story that was never covered in the first place. A story with so many holes that the holes don't even matter now. Black Ops was fantastic in many people's eyes and left little to no Virus left in us all. Ascension is the only map that I can recall that caused so much dissonance in the community. So many wanted "More" from the map. So many wanted there to be something "else". Alas, nothing came to be. Moon was our greatest achievement. The map presented us with answers to all of our delusions. Samantha is trapped and is in control. Others thought she was just trapped. More thought that the whole idea of alien tech on the moon was pointing towards outer space for our next adventure. Alas, as we waited for Black Ops 2, the T-Virus ate some of us whole.


Tranzit arrived.


The look on our faces when we saw new characters.


A seemingly outrageous personality would be driving us around a map that can be broken down into smaller maps.


It was awful.


However, the terrific part of Tranzit is the Easter Egg. An egg that left even the best of us consumed. A lot of people have been consumed by the Tranzit Virus because you lose yourself in semantics. You forget what matters in an egg. Instead, you look for anything and everything. Going so far as to claim that pieces of the bus can be placed elsewhere simply using the logic that the Hatch can be used elsewhere. Never was the case. People assumed that there was a type of new route the bus could take if we did everything a certain way. No new discoveries other than a tight-ass meme. Black Ops 2 carried this Virus through to the end. And to this day, the Virus still lingers.


However, with the release of Revelations and the affect it has had on everyone... It is clear that the Virus is still very strong and in full control of our ability to discover meaningful information or meaningful ideas for the story. We sit on the brink of collapse simply because the satisfactory levels of humans have lowered to a state below the Origins Ending Cutscene. I choose this day to end my love of Zombies not because the story was awful. Not because there are imbeciles who allow the T-Virus to feed off them. But because the story is nothing but the T-Virus. There is no fluidity to any of it. It's about as fluid as vinegar and water. With this new T-Virus breakout occurring, I'm trying my best to understand the story and to grasp the possibility of "more", considering our luck with "more" being in Gorod Krovi long after the community has raped it and tossed it to the gutter. However, my ability to love the people, love the story, and love the madness is fading. As I grow older, I see the madness even clearer and regret parts of myself for coming here and feeding this Virus even more than it has to be fed. And now, we have 3 more years to sit and let the Virus sink its teeth into our veins wasting more and more time sifting through dirt so we can find more dirt, just so later the writers can write out the dirt by saying the dirt was destroyed by an omnipotent being (A la Shadows of Evil). I'm sick of this song and dance and hope the best of us will agree. To, instead of creating a story for someone else (Treyarch), create your own genuine story inspired by this adventure we have been given. Let the new generation sift through dirt while we give the new generation the dirt to sift through.


I speak soulfully about the modding scene and the creative scene beyond mods. Those who write comics inspired by the CoDZ fantasy. Those who create maps that carry their own story and easter eggs that most would deem all-the-more better than any map created by our developer slaves. We can create a story that makes sense or doesn't make sense (to each their taste). We can create a new Virus in one map and distinguish it in the next map we create. We have the power to disregard this long and treacherous story for a new and brighter tale about the edges of existence and the fringes of reality. 


TL;DR Use your imagination to create something that isn't full of shit. Because the story that I have followed for most of my childhood and teenage life has become nothing but shit. Shit after shit after shit. It's like everyone is just shitting all over me and from my perspective everyone is just shitting all over each other. Oh, and sometimes we find something useless and we jerk each other off but it always ends up being a shitshow. Someone is shitting on someone and then there's more shit we have to sift through because shit happens. Fuck this shit. I'm moving on with my life. I thank everyone who has come into contact with me and has given me lessons about community personalities and humans in general along with lessons involving real life discoveries and investigation as well as using what we discovered to apply it practically to either our lives or our imaginations. I sincerely hope that this story straightens out for all of us (Because I'll never stop playing zombies, I'll just stop caring about the story) and I hope we all can be satisfied in a way that leaves us orgasming for years to cum.

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The TranZit Virus isn't that bad. Without the Virus we didnt have theories, easter eggs and possible not even a story! And in fact, we are infected too less with it now all DLC's are released. After the finding of the Revelations egg people stopped hunting. Blundell himself said that there still was a big egg to be found in Shadows, that in every Treyarch Zombie game there still has stuff to be found. We have even found ciphers that still aren't solved yet. And this month the comic will be released. It ain't over, not at all. If CoDZ distracts you from your real life, or you just dont like it anymore, you should stop. But otherwise I don't see a reason to stop. Tomorrow I will buy BO3 and Zetsubou No Shima, to be able to search around in that map. Not for eggs, but for stories and theories I might find. We aren't done yet with this. But well...if you really leave: I wish you the best in your further life. Enjoy it!

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