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wolf bow/ wolf king


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So treyach are masters at adding subtle tiny stories. One of which is the wolf kind which is told in Der Eisen. The story of the wolf king goes as follows.

Once there was a king, he had 2 great dog companions that were always by his side. The king lived in a castle peacefully but one day the great evil came to him (the apothecons). He rode into battle with his dogs at his side. He fought valiantly but alas his efforts were not enough. He lost and died in battle along with his armies. All that remand was his dogs. They cried and cried looking for him in his castle, and when they found him they buried his bones all around the castle and passed peacefully in the castle.

This has been the story of the wolf king. To get the bow you must do the following steps

1. get the bow


2. find the 4 painting around the map and hold x on them in the following order


1. the kind sitting on his chair next to his dogs

2. the king riding into battle

3. the great war with the giant apothecon in the background

4. the king dead with his dogs at his side


3. go to the wall to the left when you first come into the anti gravity room from the bow area and receive your arrow pieces


4. go to the rocket test sight and shoot a flag on top of the door to the left with the bow


5. a wolf head will drop next to a nearby barrier, hold x on it


6. go to the antigravity room and go to the wolf box and hold x on the dog bones to the right


7. a wolf dog will spawn follow it until it stops and starts howling, then it becomes a soul chest and you must kill zombies next to him. Once done the dog will dig in a spot, go to the spot and hold x on the bones the dog has dug up. The dog will move again and you must repeat the process 3 times.


8. finally the dog will stop next to a wall you must wall run in antigravity and shoot the whole in the wall while wall running, a platform will form, wall run again onto it and hold x. A skeleton will form your arrow, and then take it.


9. Go to the wolf box and place your arrow, then it becomes a soul chest and you must kill zombies until it stops, then hold x with your bow on the box and it will take it and turn it into the wolf bow



thank you I hope this helps you, if I got something wrong please tell me.




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