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IW: Zombies - *SPOILER* HUD and first gameplay picture!

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An image has been leaked on reddit of the very first gameplay video of Zombies In Spaceland and it lets us have a look at the HUD too. The HUD reminds me so much of exo zombies but I am not going to judge the game from that. From the image below, we can see in the bottom left of the screen a card that looks to display what character you are playing as. In the image we look to be playing as A.J the Jock of the group. We can also see a money / score counter. Top right of the screen seems to show a "scene" counter which I am predicting is the same as the round counter we have today. Moving on. bottom left of the screen we can see one of the fortune and fate cards that I discussed and explained in my Mega Thread. This also gives away one of those cards abbilities and it is "Get Revived". It also shows our basic ammo count and our grenade limit. The grenades seem to be little clock icons so maybe our grenades won't look like we are expecting. Middle left bottom of the screen we have what appears to look like ride tickets and maybe these are what we need to be able to get on the rounds.


What do you guys think of them image? :)



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Thanks for the pic.


I don't think that's a clock, just the round frags of the recent cods.


Score is actual $, not points. Maybe you buy tickets for rides or something similar.


Ghosts was a decent game that nobody bought, yet everyone hates, ha. So i fear what drastic (crappy) superficial elements will be added to 'improve' this game, based on the fail sales of ghosts.


Between aw's flea suits, and the cartoony bo3, i can't see cod becoming a real game again. So, i guess they really need to nail the side games now.

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