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Hello I'm new.

I was wandering around upstairs in the safe house and happened upon this image that keeps bothering me . It reminded me of the joy division shirt and how it was actually a pulsar detected by radio telescopes(cp 1919) and i was wondering if anyone had any information on this or if it could be  read with other devices like a oscilloscope or a spectral analysis. I'm not sure if this goes in zombies or campaign since it seems Jason B has mentioned something about this.  


IN the unsolvable EE.


If this is in the wrong section please point me in the right direction and ill gladly move . Just let me copy and paste this  first. 

Thank you 






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I don't believe Blundell has mentioned what the unsolvable EE contains or might contains. I may be forgetting something though. Please let me know if I'm wrong here since the unsolvable EE is definitely of interest.


As for the picture, I don't have experience with audio EE's like this but from looking at it, I'm not sure how someone would translate that to audio(correctly). The overlapping hump parts make it seem like it would mask the row(s) behind it. Also, the spacing makes me think the 4 parts should be combined into one long part but the incomplete humps on both ends of part 2 don't seem to match the other parts. Another thought: does that type of visualization use a standard scale/setup? If it can vary, it might be hard to determine the correct audio.


If we weren't talking about Treyarch, I would just say that it looks like someone took some (fun/secret) audio and displayed it like that as an inside joke for coworkers more than an EE meant for players to discover.


If you want to figure it out, I would start with finding a program to convert audio into that visualization and start running game audio through it and see what it looks like. I would think that similar sounds would look similar so you should be able to determine if it's a song or a quote or a reload sound, gun sound, ambient noise, etc.

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