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Window "Cipher" Theory

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I wanna start out by saying that this is not something I'm actively pursuing and it may very well be nothing. I told @WaterKH about this awhile back and I got him atleast on the fence about whether or not it's something so maybe I can make a few more partial believers out there.


To cut to the chase: I believe the DE window shutters may be some sort of semaphore cipher.


The backstory is that after watching some Blundell interviews and the like, it seemed like a common theme that there may be ciphers that are more environmental that a sheet of paper with writing. I kept that in the back of my mind while looking around DE one day and then I looked up and noticed the windows. There's lots of windows around the castle but if you look at the positioning of the window shutters, you can see that careful attention was paid to them and they weren't just a simple reused position. So I took a few screenshots(http://imgur.com/a/WGnk3) and started trying to describe them and here's what I came up with:

1 = open
2 = angled open
3 = 90 degree(straight out)
4 = almost closed
5 = shut
_ = not there
right side, right building
41 13 54
44 12 14
12 24

left side, right building
31 33
21 21
right side, main building
32 44 52(?)

center side, main building
45 43 11 12 15 2_
21 54 15 52 11 1_

left side, main building
21 31 15 12 __ 41
31 21 21 41 31 12

by hanging man
21 22 14

It's been awhile since this so I don't exactly remember but I think I questioned my labeling for a few windows, especially ones where the shutters were really close to the wall (open or angled open?) and decided there were better things worth pursuing.  More recently, I decided to look for semaphores that would match this setup and the closest I found was this: 


After finding that picture, I haven't gone back and tried to analyze again but I figured I would share my crazy idea so people could atleast look at it and decide for themselves if it's really something. Thanks for keeping an open mind.


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I too have got a look at that back then...


Further i thought the lit candles at the walls in the underground could be a cipher (klappentelegraphen murray in german)


And now i thought about the music sheets in gk "revelations" could too be a cipher (music sheet cipher)


But i didnt got anything with it ? 

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4 hours ago, Nieno69 said:

Further i thought the lit candles at the walls in the underground could be a cipher (klappentelegraphen murray in german)

I remember looking at the recessed shelves down there and how some of the items in each cubbyhole or whatever would be repeated in other spots... Yeah, I think this is summing up what happened with my environmental cipher search: It's bad enough to try to figure out the ciphers that they actually give us. Trying to interpret parts of map design as hidden messages is just a descent to madness.


I think we should just put stuff like this on the back burner for a few months/years out to when we're out of unsolved ciphers and we start really hunting those completely undiscovered EE's.

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