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Fear in headlights

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Question for your gum chewers-

Has anyone attempted to use this gobblegum during the shadow many boss fight? Sure I could test it out myself, but getting four people together for this easter egg takes a monk's level of patience that Uncle Boom just does not have. A few things I am wondering:


  • Does it stop margwas?
  • What is the actual "headlight range" (If I stand on the edge of the cliff and face PaP will my friend be untouchable)?
  • Does it also cause the shadow man to not progress in teleportation similar to Killing Time?



Thanks for your input!

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I have used it a couple of times just to see what it does and it does work on Margwas. The range seems pretty good, only issue is obstacles between enemies and your line of sight. 


Haven't tried using against the Shadow man but the function is very similar to killing time, except that if you look away, enemies will move. So potentially, you should be able to freeze the Shadow man, shoot, and spinning 360 should cause him to move so he can be hit again. You can actually fight the Shadow man solo, no need for 4 players.

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@DaveLo07 Doesn't it require all four swords to complete this step?

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@Boom All 4 swords are required to spawn in the giant gate worm. You can still defeat the Shadow man with any number of players, but you will not be able to finish the easter egg without the swords.

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