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Divinium Now Available!

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4 minutes ago, Sean5883 said:

Hoe do Wee get devineom


It's easy! You can net Divinium by posting in threads, participating in our Tournaments/Events, donating, all kinds of ways really. 

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Just wanted to re-kick this thing, since we have a couple of new additions to the Divinium family!


New Look, Same System


Despite the forum getting a major overhaul both internally and externally, many applications (including our beloved Divinium) have also been affected as a result. You can still find your Divinium count by clicking on a member's profile. It used to be displayed in any given thread, but due to the forum changes, you can only see it on a profile.




Users are still awarded +1 30bfe4n.jpg for every post made, and +2 30bfe4n.jpg for every thread created. You can still earn much more 30bfe4n.jpg30bfe4n.jpg30bfe4n.jpg by Donating, which in turn not only gives you more Divinium per donation tier but also helps fund the server costs and allows us to provide more items in the Divinium Factory! Speaking of ways to earn more Divinium, we got something else in store for our lovely slayers. :glasses:


LFG Weekend Giveaway


Our fantastic Looking For Group (LFG) system is top-notch and custom created for all Zombies enthusiasts! Whether you're looking to hunt down some Easter Eggs and finally get that long-awaited gateworm, or you just want to kill time and have fun with other slayers, the LFG is the best tool for the job. Starting next Friday September 8th, we'll be kicking off 2X Divinium every weekend from here on out!


Here's how to snag it:

  1. Make sure you have a CoDZ account.
  2. Team up with someone on the LFG.
  3. Take an in-game picture (toaster quality is okay) of the match leaderboard with the names of the people you matched with in the LFG.
  4. Upload it on CoDZ and message it to our lovely assistant @S.O.P.H.I.A.
  5. Receive your 2x Divinium!

Every unique LFG match normally earns you 25 30bfe4n.jpg; however, during the 2X Weekend, you could be netting 50 30bfe4n.jpg with every new group you match with. THERE WILL BE BLOOD!


New Divinium Factory Items


We like giving away cool Zombies stuff. It's not about the recognition, but more to providing a high-quality fan services to slayers of all kinds. That's why we have begun including special items in our Divinium Factory catalog that you have to get your meatsack hands on, such as our favorite Verruckt movie poster!




We also want to ask y'all what items you'd love to see hit the stores! Ideas are welcomed (so long as they can be shipped haha). This summer is gonna end in a Big Bang. :glasses:


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