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How to get the ee done and setup (solo) without perkaholic

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I'm typing all with my smartphone and english is not my first language but i think one can understand what i'm talking about

- it is all my point of view - and you dont need to follow it but its the easiest way for me -


Its hard to make a clear path because you can do multiple things at the same time so mostly decide yourself and do stuff at the same time (e.g. the aa bullet and the rainbow plant)

There are some tips and tricks that i dont mention here e.g. you can escape the "poweractivation" room with "anywhere but here" so you dont have to kill the 15 zombies under water

If i made a mistake i will correct it and pls feel free to correct me...



FIRST: Equip the gg anywhere but here

2. Start the game -Get the bucket and

destroy every spore you see and plant your seeds how you want at this points of game



3. +4. + 5

Starting and first rituals



3. Max out points (no leg shots needed but you are save with that) Let them get into the map  (like in all other maps) and train them/line them up and shoot at the leg or chest to hit multiple targets (chest max 6 bullets + melee and try to avoid nukes they will give you points but you will loose a round)

4. Keep 1 zombie alive if you will play safe (you really should because ammo issues) - if you want/have to build up the barricades to get some point - You should get enough points to open the two doors (500+750) on your right...check your challenges and begin to complete them - if you get a double points-drop you maybe can open the other two on your left after you done the first ritual (you will get some points -not for the kills but for completed ritual) and check this ritual table too...

5. Do the first ritual - only melee (they are one hit) - if you get enough points to open the left doors too you can do this ritual - the zombies are one hit kill but - ATTENTION - spiders are spawning the second ritual - you totally can do this without a gun (because you have low ammo on your starting pistol) to safe some money but its hard to avoid them at the end because there will spawn up to 5 spiders - so you should really get a gun (rk5-easy or use the shieva-hard) - if you want to play safe get in the next round melee zombies and safe 1 for the ritual get the rk5 or the machine pistol for 750 points (forgot the name)...
-dont forget the part for the gas mask at the second ritual 




Round 1 or 2

2 Rituals done

1 Weapon bought

1 part for the gas mask


6. Starting Setup


6. Now again max your points and get the first perk - quick revive

Buy the door for 1000 to lab a (left from spawn - Cheaper way) (1000 points) and after that the door for 1000 to open lab a (now you should really get a gun from the wall or a plant or if you are lucky one of the challenges or mystery box) 

The brecci or dingo are the best weapons for the zns (in my opinion)

Get the shield part at lab a

The jug is in all (my) solo games inside the bunker so you are back to get points - train the zombies (hard) or camp at lab a upstairs where you can jump down (near railslide for 250 points) 

(Optional) -If you are in the spider round - fill a bucket and activate power in lab a - let down the cage and catch a spider in there (lto get the first part for the kt4)

6.1 Check your points -

6.1 a)  if you got about 3500 points fill your bucket with blue water and activate lab a - fill the bucket with blue water again and open the two doors to lab b (go the way from spawn to the right) open the first door (1000) - get the shield part in that area -  open lab b (1000)
 Activate lab b and make your way to the bunker (again a door for 1500) 
 If the power from lab a is still active Open the bunker and kill the 4 zombies as fast as possible (if not one will transform to a trasher) 
- back to camping/training to get points

6.1 b) you can camp/train in point 6. Till you get this points:

-6000 (doors (3500) + power/shield)

-7500 (doors + power + shield)

-8500 (power + jug)

-10000 (power + jug + shield)

Decide yourself


Sum Up:

 You should have

Perks: qr and jug

Weapons 2 (dragon, any shotgun or lmg are the best choices)

Shield completed

Power on

Maybe first two parts for the kt4(Spider lab a and the green part at lab b)


7. Get the skull and end setup


7. Now you should be safe (you should have power + jug + shield + first part for the pap -this will drop after you did the part to start the mainpower and maybe the first two parts for the kt4 (spider and the "green" zombie)

Decide yourself

You need again points to open doors : 1500 +1500 + 1500 for the parts for the pap (door to purple water room - door to kt4-table and door to mulekick)

1000: for gas mask part and green water (optional)

5000: for pap a weapon

You should nearly completed your challenges 

You dont need to open the door that leads to the third gas mask part and the 3th ritual -after power is active you can go there for 250 points with the rail and back again for 250 points - but for the door 1500 points - so decide yourself again 

What you should do: challenges + doors for the pap parts + pap a shotgun - do the leftover rituals

What you could do:
Open all doors - open pap - pap any weapon - get perks -get kt4- do rituals

So with a paped shotgun you should easily get the leftover rituals done (like i mentioned the brecci does good works) 
If you build a babysitter plant it safes the last zombie for you so you have time to explore and do things- so grow one and do the next steps...

8.Start the ritual and a trasher should spawn (you dont have to kill him avoid him - he walks slowly at the beginning if you dont hit him - and only kill the zombies which are near the skull...remember the kt4 does "damage" to yourself so you could get killed while using)
Same at the 4th ritual (kt4 room)

Get the skull (easy ritual on solo)

If you finished the challenges you will notice that lightning will strike if you stand near the skulls

Let it hit you while you have a shield - You can use it to half the price for perks...use this if you dont got any perks till this point (if you want)
And you need it to get the some of the next steps done

Sum up: you should got for now 4 perks + shield + good weapon paped (or double paped) (raygun is a good weapon for this map too) + challenges done (so you can get a 5th perk) + skull + kt4 + optional the gas mask


8.  Beginning of the end "starting" the ee


Lets go to the motherspider....

Open the "door" (web behind the blue water) with the kt4 (and put it away and dont use it in this boss fight -remeber it does "splashdamage") just avoid the hits from the spider by walking left to right - and shoot it in the mouth with your weopon when it glows...
If the "normal" spider spawn kill them e.g. with the skull  - a max ammo spawns - take it and finish the mother off....

You now go to her and rip off a teeth...(masamune part /kt4 upgraded) and get your fifth perk - widows wine

Start the end ee:

Go in the room with the purple water - there is a table - above there is a  scrap of paper on the wall - get the skull out and hit L2 and the rest of the paper appears... go upstairs in the room where (normally) the jug i s hit l2 left to the lift a second room appears


Get the parts for the



-the first part you got from the spider like mentioned before (the game doesnt show you that you grab it so look if there is missing a teeth after you pressed square)

-second part: get the elctrified shield and go to lab b - hit the cage with the shield and enter it - then it will bring you down - there is a skeleton with a purple liquid in it (again you get no notification that you got it make sure you got it)

Third part: go down where you get the first flower for the kt4 and l2 the wall with the skull - the wall will be opened and there is a place for a plant - get the rainbow water - go trough the tunnelsystem for 500 points to get this - press square at the 115 stone to get the bucket filled with that water
Plant the seed in the place mentioned before and water it...water it three round
There will be a new flower - the last part for the masamune -

Now Get the masamune


Get the parts for the elevator: 3 parts again


1. Plant a seed and water it with blue water shot the kt4 / masamune on it (plant multiple seeds)  (use e.g. the camping strategy like in the first rounds)

Repeat this three rounds in a row
-an aa-bullet should be one reward (a grey/silver plant) 
Go to the aa gun and put the bullet in with square - (you only hear a click - no visual) shoot down the plane(with square when the plane line up with the aa-gun)
-look in the sky where the part will drop -smokes indicates the location of the drop(a gear?) -if you miss repeat the steps

2. get the electrified shield and hit the rail at lab a (the one for 250 points)  take it and try to land on the dock for the next gear (smash all buttons but be careful you can land in the water and you will die... and you dont want to die here) (dont really know what trigger it in solo: i hit- melee,down, r2, square)

3. Take anywhere but here gg - it doesnt matter where you stand (like many youtubers say e.g. the motherspiderroom) - the chances are really high that you get in the dragon room to get the last part


Decide yourself which part you will get first - but try to get a babysitterplant to safe one zombie and you will be cool...


Boss fight


Now last check up -go to the boss and run around .... kill him and enjoy...

But take care: The boss fight looks pretty easy but you should go down there with aftertaste because you maybe just get instakilled - like wtf? (mostly you dont get theather to check what happened-this actually happened to me - the strange thing was i had afterburn but it doesnt trigger -so i got maybe one hit killed by a spider because spiders are the only which dont activate the gg)


You should really got stamin up




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