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Perun And Veles

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Perun and Veles are the name of the PaPed Marshalls. And in true Treyarch form, they are the names of gods.


In Slavic mythology, Perun is the highest God of the pantheon, and the God of thunder and lighting. Drawing parallels to Thor and Zeus. His other attributes are as follows:




•the oak




•horses and cart

•weapons and war

He is described as rugged, with a copper beard. Riding a goat buck drawn chariot, wielding and axe or sometimes a hammer. 


These thunder marks are ancient symbols of Perun. 

In the mythology, he is the ruler of the living world, Sky, and the Earth. Often represented as an eagle perched atop the tallest branch of a sacred tree. This tree is analogous to Yggdrasil from Norse mythology, as its trunk and branches represent the mortal plane (Asgard) and the heavens (Valhalla). The roots represent the underworld (Hel). Deep within the roots lies his opponent, often a dragon or a snake, this being Veles. 


Also known as Volos, he is the god of earth, waters, forests, and the underworld. He draws parallels to Loki  his attributes are:




•cattle and the harvests



•magic and trickery

He is imagined as a dragon, while being seen as chimeric in the beliefs of Pagan Slavs. A serpent with the head of a bear and drooping ears. 


Now, there is, like in all Indo-European mythologies, a battle between the two. Which is absolutely worth the read. There is far more information to share, and I have already paraphrased a lot. So I advise if you'd like to know more, just head to Google or Wikipedia. And yes, I probably could have just copy and pasted, but I'm on my phone. So I basically wrote it all down, changing the grammar where I saw fit and omitting stuff that didn't get to the point. Enjoy!

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I was just making a post about this actually, because it fits very well with the previous lore. Here's some more information on him that I had typed, if it helps (I know some of it is duplicate, but I hope it's okay):

Perun was the Russian god of thunder, primarily, though often referred to as the leader of the human realm. He is also associated with war, weapons, etc, where he possessed a giant axe or hammer that he could hurl around. Lucky for him, though, whenever he sent it towards enemies, it always returned to his hand. The lightning bolts that Perun could shoot from the weapon were thought to be stones or stone arrows. One of his enemies was Veles, god of Earth and Underworld (and sometimes linked to magic and trickery). Veles, however, was a dragon (sometimes said to be a serpent), and their battle is said to be one of the most important myths in Slavic mythos. Veles slithers his way up the Slavic world tree to reach Perun, and Perun beats him down each and every time to restore order.

Now, this is a shorter version of the myth, but I have to admit, this is soooo similar to the other mythos we are encountering (which isn’t uncommon of mythos as a whole). The inclusion of the World Tree, for one, and the inclusion of the god of thunder fighting a giant dragon/serpent... Sounds a bit like Thor and Nidhogg to me.

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@Tac frankly, I'm amazed there hadn't been a post on it before I had haha. What I find interesting is the inclusion of Veles here. With his traits being represented by the map itself. And I like the variety of Pagan deities as well. The fact we have reference to two thunder gods here is interesting. Nan Sapwe clearly being the regional one, with Perun being the nod to what's expected to be the next DLC. I'm still waiting to see the PaPed name for the MX Garand, but no one I've watched this far has seemed to pick it up. I also can't seem to find proper translation for the KT-4s proper name as well as its upgraded name either. 

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