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The Skull of Nan Sapwe [Lore and Achievement/Trophy Guide]


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The Skull of Nan Sapwe





Nan Sapwe is a name we encounter relatively often in Zetsubou No Shima, as we are supposed to get its skull. But who was Nan Sapwe? Many have been saying it’s this Isokelekel, a semi-mythical hero who conquered the small island of Pohnpei between the early 16th and early 17th centuries, during the cruel Saudeleur Dynasty. However, this isn’t the case. Nan Sapwe was revered by the Pohnpeians as the Thunder God, but after committing adultery with Saudeleur’s wife, was forced to leave the island. He fled to the island of Kosrae and impregnated a human woman from his clan, creating Isokelekel, who was raised on the stories of Saudeleur’s cruelty. From the womb, Isokelekel “knew his destiny of vengeance” and in order to avenge his father's departure, eventually made his way to the island and took it over. Some speculate that the birth was a bit more structured, with Nan Sapwe using Isokelekel as “the vehicle of revenge” for the Pohnpeian citizens. Here’s a book segment on Nan Sapwe’s confrontation with the Saudeleur’s:


The rupture between the Saudeleur and the Pohnpeian god, Nahn Sapwe, begins the final chapter in Nan Modal’s decline. Originally associated with the Dipwinpahnmei clan, Nah Sapwe, the thunder god, became the most prominent of the many gods and spirits on Pohnpei. As the “god above the land,” the voice of Nahn Sapwe could be heard by all Pohnpeians. He existed as an indigenous unifying force in an otherwise divided land. For a time, the Saudeleurs and their god Nahnisohnsapw had imposed themselves upon the island. Pohnpeians, however, had begun to grow restive and contemptuous under Saudeleur rule; they now offered token homage to Nahnisohnsapw, while maintaining steadfast belief in their own gods. The Saudeleur’s attack on Nahn Sapwe, a desperate, self-destructive act, constituted a total break with the island. Though dominating the people of the island, the Saudeleur, ultimately, could not subjugate the divine forces that provided the life of the land.

Source: Upon a Stone Altar: A History of the Island of Pohnpei to 1890

But that has only half-answered the question of who Nan Sapwe was. This Thunder God was actually a Keeper, as we can see below. What does this mean exactly? Who knows, as of now. More of the map will need to be dissected in order to make that determination.



'The Ultimate Sacrifice' Achievement Guide





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