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New Wonder Weapon im DLC 2

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Rule: Advertising to other users inside the CoDz Forum, whether it be via a post, personal message, or profile/signature links, to buy or view any products, websites, or other service is strictly prohibited. Non-intrusive links in signatures to personal YouTube accounts may be allowed, but that is case-to-case and each will be reviewed individually.

Consequence: The infringing user’s account will be banned, as well as the IP address. Any post with the intentions of advertising will be immediately and permanently deleted.

Example: If you are a spam bot, a hired advertiser, or a desperate website/business owner, this may apply to you. Signing up and making your only post a promotion for your zombie gameplay YouTube channel is breaking the rule. However simply sending links to a fellow forum goer who wants to know where to buy a capture card is not breaking this rule, PMing your buddy a link to a funny YouTube video isn't, etc.


Read up on the Code of Conduct before posting videos in the future. The posting of videos from your channel in threads like this is frowned upon. This video has nothing to do with discussion about Der Eisendrache, so posting it here is obvious click-bait. Click-baiting is as frowned upon on these forums as it is everywhere else. Remember to keep videos like this to the Media Centre as that is where they belong. I'm not a mod, so I can't run around telling you what to do. However, you should heed this as a warning so you aren't surprised when the Moderators do take action.

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This doesn't seem like advertisement. Its just a really poor guess put into video format with quite a bit of clickbait forced in there.  

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