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All Bow Upgrades (Courtesy of mrDalekJD)

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3 hours ago, EvilHERONeos said:

Is there a full out manual for these in the works? I know that videos can only do so much, for me at least, but actually having the words typed out is much more informational.

I'd say normally videos will do more because they can actually show you what you have to do.... But here you go @EvilHERONeos:

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/CODZombies/comments/43zizx/spoilers_der_eisendrache_easter_egg_megathread/

1. Build the Bow

  • Feed the 3 iron dragons mounted to walls around the map. It can be found in the tomb room straight across from the entrance from the undercroft in a yellow mist under the 3 mini dragon heads.

2. Upgrade the bow

  1. Lightning bow

    A. Shoot weather vane in Bastion with the bow and pick up the piece that drops.

    B. Ignite the 3 wooden towers outside of the map. The first is at the rocket landing pad, looking over the right side of the teleporter, the second one is in the spawn area (very far away), the third is around the wonderfizz spawn.

    C. Wall run over the 5 "wind" symbols in the low-gravity zone

    D. Go around to the 3 urns, and fill them with souls, then draw back your bow until it starts sparking and re-ignite the original fires with your now "half-lightning" bow. The first urn is in the room up above Double-Tap, the second is right in front of the MDT at the rocket pad, the last one is inside the tower (the tower next to the 3rd fire) under the stairs

    E. Go back over to where you picked up the piece from the weather vane and grab the blue arrow

    F. Head down to the pyramid room and put the arrow into one of the corner boxes around the pyramiD. Fill it with souls and then take our your original bow, hold square/x on the upgraded bow, and you're done.

  2. Fire bow

    A. Shoot the symbol at the top of the winding stairs in the bell tower with the bow and pick up the piece

    B. Go to the rocket launch pad an wait for a rocket test to start. When the doors reopen, run in and shoot the red fireball with your bow. It's almost 180 degrees to your right when you go through the big doors.

    C. Then you're going to need to use the launchpad teleporters to launch yourself across the map, and while you're in the air, you need to fire an arrow into each one of the 3 ritual circles which will have spawneD. When done correctly, the circle will glow permanently reD. Repeat for all 3 ritual circles.

    D. Get kills while standing in each of the circles until it projects a cylinder of fire.

    E. Go back to the bell tower and hold square/x on the location you picked up the arrow. This will reveal an apothican symbol.

    F. Find the fireplace around the map which has the corresponding symbol inside of it, and shoot the bow directly into the center of the symbol. Then hold square/x on the fire that spawns in the fireplace. There are 3 fireplaces. One in the control center, one in Edward's room, and one in the room near the dragon head by double tap.

    G. Go to the death ray area and kill a zombie with the bow under the fireball. Hold square/x on the fireball and it should fly up and explode, dropping the arrow

    H. Head down to the pyramid room and put the arrow into one of the corner boxes around the pyramiD. Fill it with souls and then take our your original bow, hold square/x on the upgraded bow, and you're done.

  3. Wolf bow

    A. Activate the 4 paintings around the castle. The paintings will always need to be activated in the same order, but their spawns will switch up every game. Blue wolves will light up on each one indicating that you have successfully activated it in the right order. One is in the tower with the winding stairs, on the lower level. The 2nd is on the floor above the first. The 3rd is in the control center, second floor. And the 4th is past the area with all of the knight statues.

    B. Head down to the undercroft and you'll see the dog image crumble. Pick up the arrow.

    C. Go to the rocket launch pad and shoot the flag up on the cliff face with the bow. Pick up the skull that fall from the flag.

    D. Put the skull into one of the corner boxes around the pyramid (the one with the dogs on it) and a ghost dog will spawn. Follow the dog until it starts digging.

    E. Collect zombie souls at the dig location and hold square/x on it when it's full. The dog will then move on to a new digging location (3 locations total)

    F. Once the dog sits in front of the wall at the last location, activate antigravity and wall run up to the spot on the wall with the dog symbol, and shoot the bow into the hole. If done correctly, a ledge will spawn, hold square/x to interact with the skeleton and once more to get your arrow.

    G. Put the arrow into one of the corner boxes around the pyramiD. Fill it with souls and then take our your original bow, hold square/x on the upgraded bow, and you're done.

  4. Purple (skull) bow 

    A. In the gatehouse near double tap, look up just before the second gate and shoot the symbol with the bow

    B. Go to the circular room past spawn and mule kick (it has a purple square on the floor)

    C. Melee kill a zombie while it's standing on the purple square, the tile will crumble, allowing you to then hold square/x on the urn below

    D. Run around the map and hold square/x on the 6 skulls. 1st is in front of/above the command center in a window frame, 2nd is in Sam's room on the left in the toy bin, 3rd is walking from spawn to double tap, on a ledge to the right of the perk machine, 4th is past the RK5 over a half-wall on the left, 5th is in the sink in the MDT room (undercroft), 6th is in the rocket launch area in the bed of the truck

    E. Make 6 crawlers and bring them under the urn (in the circle room), Listen to the quote after this step CAREFULLY. If the quote is "crown, door, griffin," write that down. Then kill some more zombies like normal, they will drop symbols that you can pick up. Do this until there are symbols under each of the heads in the original circular room.

    F. Go to the armor upstairs from the command center and hold square/x on the armor with pictures of a crown, a griffin, and a door (or whatever your words were).

    G. Apothican symbols will spawn above each place you hold square/x on, remember these, and go back to the circle room and shoot the corresponding symbols on the floor in the original order that they were spoken.

    H. Pick up the arrow and head down to the pyramid room and put the arrow into one of the corner boxes around the pyramiD. Fill it with souls and then take our your original bow, hold square/x on the upgraded bow, and you're done.

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