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Forge: Map Concept


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To ensure the survival of humanity, civilization was raised into the sky on a platform that is held up on three giant pillars. Many of these structures were installed across the world. They were named Cloud Provinces. Below is utter darkness and fog, with the occasional flash of light from the war torn world trying to fend off the undead. All that can be heard is the sounding of sirens and screams of dying people.


The Avarice Corporation, a greedy company who wanted nothing but power and wealth, have exploited the remnants of what is left down below to a despicable extent. Humans are used for manual labour and live strugglesome lives, while the Zombies that are deemed as “controllable” are stored in locked down factories and used as slaves. But their hunger for flesh never curbed. The dead bided their time until an opportunity was seen fit to break from its shackles and ravage all that it could.


Only four people remain, each trapped on the platform that was meant to save humanity from the horrors of the world. It is there fault that they are stuck and that they could not escape, but they will not stop until they have left the ravaged colony of Cloud Province IX for good.

However an entity not bound to this realm has other plans. It sees into the body and souls of the survivors. What it sees inside is potential that can be used for this being's own purposes.



Loading Screen


While loading the map, the screen will display an hourglass floating through darkness. It will slowly drift for a while, with no indication of where it is or why it is there. Eventually, the view will rotate to show where the hourglass has been coming from. The hand of a skeleton will come into view at first, reaching out to the timekeeping device. This is followed by a whole skeleton being shown, of which the identity is anonymous.






Alexus Valentine



Leader of the Seventh Sin crime syndicate and former convict, Alexus Valentine is a well known criminal that simply breaks the laws set by the Avarice Corporation for the thrill. She has committed theft, murder, vandalism and even dismantled crime gangs with only the flick of her wrist. But her power did not last. While heisting a bank, Alexus was trapped in the vault and left holding the bag. She was soon incarcerated and was to be sent to prison. Luckily for her the undead had just broken from their leash, giving Alexus the perfect opportunity to escape. When she had arrived at the evacuation point, she found that all the ships had already departed and that she was abandoned.

Alexus is a woman in her early twenties, which is evident from her looks but not from her position of power that she once held. She has long black hair and deep brown eyes. Her clothing is made up of a cream coloured guards jacket, that is worn over a grey prisoners uniform. On her belt is a katana that she also stole. Below this, she wears black trousers and has gunmetal boots that were used to disable her movement in the prison transfer. 






A courageous mercenary, Magus is a person who knows what he wants and is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it. He has hunted down criminals and fought in many battles against the undead beforehand, so combat does not come as something new to him. Once the Avarice Corporation's plans failed and the zombified slaves they had trained broke loose, Magnus swiftly abandoned his work to escape. After going home and collecting all of his money, Magnus found that all of the airships had left. In the end, his greed for wealth was his downfall.

Magnus is a man in his late twenties, but his personality makes him seem older and more calculated than his age would give the impression of. He has messy black hair and bright green eyes. His clothing consists of a grey armoured vest, which is worn over a green turtleneck jumper. Around his neck is also a grey mask with a blue visor. Below this, he wears grey trousers and black boots.



Dexter Plugg



Inventor extraordinaire, Dexter Plugg is an unhinged and selfish engineer who only cares for his own well being. He has created multiple inventions to further the state of humanity, although his only motivation to do this was the funding the Avarice Corporation provided for him to do so. When the factories let the hordes of the dead loose, Dexter casually took his time and safely evacuated to the ships. However, to his surprise, his ticket was invalid and he was left screaming at the departing ships.

Dexter is a man in his early thirties, even though he has an intellect before his time and can be childish. He has unkempt black hair with white stripes in it and crazy blue eyes. His clothing is composed of a navy jacket that is worn over a brown waistcoat and white cravat. On his face is a black beard and he wears a pair of goggles on his head. Below this, he wears grey trousers with black shoes.



Sergei Petrov



A well experienced specialist soldier, Sergei Petrov is a tough as nails Russian man who only finds joy in destruction. He has be known to slaughter swarms of both the dead and colonies of the living. His disdain for the Avarice Corporation has been growing since childhood, especially since they were the cause of the death of his brothers. When the army of flesh eating monsters arrived, Sergei could not resist in slaying them. It was not till he stood on a pile of their corpses that he saw the escape ships, leaving him behind.

Sergei is a man in his late fifties, who has a young and energetic personality in spite of his age. He has short grey hair and dull brown eyes. His clothing is an amalgamate of a brown heavy soldier's uniform and different faded armours covering him. Around him is a crimson cape, on his arms are barbed wire tattoos and on his back are many different weapons that he has collected in the past. Below this, he wears black trousers and silver boots with shin guards.






Orchestrator of all events and the puppet master who pulls the strings in this twisted land, Umbra is an evil entity with the intent of consuming all dimensions by any means necessary. The lengths that this shady figure will go, to assimilate all worlds into its being, are beyond what any other would. Seeing the discord unravelling on Cloud Province IX, Umbra took this and used it as a means to manipulate the other characters.

Umbra is a shadowy figured, only seen in elusive places. Being made up of a shroud of darkness and only having white eyes makes the entity incomparable to a human. The clothing covering this silhouette is a purple suit with a long black coat.







Trapped in an unending curse, Zombies are the minions of a great evil that is determined to bring an end to reality itself. Once the inhabitants of the broken down world, these monsters will do anything to consume anything still living. The eye colour of all Zombies is violet. Each Zombie wears similar clothing that consists of tattered civilian clothing and black soldier uniforms. Some zombies may also wear the clothing of a knight, but these only come from the Haunted Reef.







Once Round 5 has begun, a swarm of Gargoyles will descend onto the map and begin to attack. These beings culminate from the furthest reaches of the darkness and have arrived to reap the souls of the survivors for their overlord. Zombies will be suppressed from spawning while the Gargoyles cause their blight. Gargoyles take on the appearance of white furred, humanoid bat creatures. They have large wings, claws and the facial appearance of a bat. Two Gargoyles can spawn at a time and will latch onto a player. They will swoop down and swipe at players to inflict pain. After all Gargoyles in a round have been killed, a Fissile Fuel Spell will be cast upon the map and they will not return until another five rounds have passed.






K.R.A.B., otherwise known as Killer Resistance Autonomous Behemoth, is a mech created by the Avarice Corporation that will climb up to the map by Round 8. This mechanised monster is covered in red metal and takes on the appearance of a crab. It will stride around the map on its four legs and target players by either setting them on fire with its left claw, spraying them with rockets from its right claw, using its mounted shotgun or simply grabbing them and crushing them. Being stepped on will also cause instant death. To defeat K.R.A.B. each of its legs must be destroyed. This will lead it to fall to the ground and go into a defensive phase of attacking anything around it, which can be combatted by destroying the open panel that houses its brain. Completely ending the reign of K.R.A.B. will result in the Imbued Decanter Spell being cast upon the map and for the robot not to return for another four rounds.



The Silhouetta


When all parts for the Celestial Servant Vessel IX are collected, a murder of crows will appear on the map and form together into a single being. This being will be made of pure darkness, like a shadow. Its eyes will glow bright purple and its stomach will also be made up of the same coloured essence of energy. Slowly, the Silhouetta will stride around the map. A player is not in danger while facing the Silhouetta, unless it is aggravated by being shot at. This will cause the entity to go into a frenzy, sprinting after players and blinding them in a dark smoke. Zombies will be more aggressive when around the Silhouetta and their eyes will glow even brighter. The Silhouetta can be killed by either shooting it in the stomach until it dissipates, or it will gradually fade away in time and return at a later point. If it is shot in the stomach, the Imbued Decanter Spell will be cast upon the map.


Map Layout


Cloud Province IX, amongst many of the Cloud Provinces created by the Avarice Corporation to preserve a small segment of humanity in a town that is raised far above the horrors that lie below. This place was hastily put together in just a few years, so it is no nice place to live in. But there is no choice in the matter. The people who lived in this place were forced to do so as it was the only way of survival. Cloud Province IX tries to take on the guise of a typical town from before the apocalypse started, meaning it has housing and things such as restaurants. The underlying lies and deceit of Cloud Province IX are shrouded in darkness. What at first glance seems to be a colony of humans trying to live a normal life, will soon be revealed as a simple experiment on the unsuspecting survivors. Did the Zombies break free from their leash or did somebody release them?



Cogs Coffee Shop


Immediately after spawning in, you will be faced with utter darkness. A large domed window looks out towards the heavy black fog that lies on the broken world. As you turn around, the area you are in will be revealed to be Cogs Coffee Shop. This was once used as both an outpost designed to sit at the front of Cloud Province IX and determine whether or not it would be safe for the Celestial Servants to set sail and as a place for more esteemed members of society to enjoy themselves in. Now it is a decrepit building infested with the undead. Everything is very well looked after, in spite of the current situation, as it was for the rich. Turning around, you will find a small room with a big wooden door at the back. There is also a counter to the right, which holds Quick Revive behind it.


The back door can be used to leave this area, which will lead to two streets. Going left will lead you to Mist Square and going straight onwards will lead to Compass Hall.



Compass Hall



The Compass Hall was used by the governmental employees of the Avarice Corporation to direct people around the confusing streets and to keep watch over them. Mostly, they exploited people by offering information for high prices. Compass Hall is the central area of Cloud Province IX and is made up of a circular building with four corridors that span out into each direction. Each corridor holds different things and can be easily used as a navigation point for the rest of the map. This area is very bright, being covered in gas lanterns and having marble walls. On the polished floor is a sundial that has been merged into a compass. All around are varnished desks with dead men sitting behind them. In the middle area of Compass Hall is a Crafting Station utility.


Down the north corridor players will be lead to the Courtyard. They find PHD Flopper next to a poster of the Avarice Corporations Director, telling people to work. This corridor will be darker than the rest, showing signs of blood trails and somebody being dragged. Paintings of highly esteemed men are scattered across the walls.


Venturing through the east corridor will lead to the Vanguard Garrison. This will present players with Stamin-Up and the Gearlock Rig piece. This corridor is filled with rare vases and ornaments that have been displayed in cases, as a sign of trust to the other civilians. That and too show off the Avarice Corporations wealth and that it can buy nothing but meaningless possessions in a world like this.


Descending down the south path will lead back to the Cogs Coffee Shop. Scattered around this area are pieces of ancient armour, from a time long forgotten, which sit on stands. There are also statues of men forgotten in time that have fulfilled their purpose. The entrance into this corridor and to Compass Hall is Deadshot Daiquiri and the Illuminant Oculus piece to the right of the doorway.


Lastly, down the west corridor is the way to Mist Square. This corridor is unlike the rest as it contains nothing. As this was the nearest way to get to the Docks, it was immediately looted for everything inside as soon as possible. The only remaining item of worth inside is Mule Kick, which sits solitary at the end of the corridor.


The north corridor leads up to the Courtyard, the east corridor leads to the Vanguard Garrison, the south corridor leads back to Cogs Coffee Shop and the east corridor leads to Mist Square.



Mist Square



Mist Square is a marketplace for the inhabitants of the province. It is covered in many dull coloured stalls which sell nothing of importance and are only used for the Avarice Corporation to gain wealth. The whole area is contained in four square spaces, each split up by the stalls in the market. On random stalls are the different parts used for Buildables, such as the Wolf Armour piece and the Skeletal Drone piece. Each part can be found here and are scattered around this area.


The first square is very clean compared to the others, with brightly coloured stalls. It holds Double Tap II within it. After this, the next set of stalls are duller in colour. This square also holds a possible Pandora’s Box location. The third square is very tattered and barely has colour, only offering Buildable parts. Within the tightly packed streets of the last square, all that can be found is blood and gore. Hiding between the stalls are a GobbleGum Machine utility and the Daemon Exchange utility.



Vanguard Garrison



The Vanguard Garrison is at the forefront of defense against the undead. Here a multitude of soldiers stand watch over the province to protect it. Many rookie soldiers are also trained, to pass on the torch and protect their pseudo home. This barracks is a fortified building with a portcullis gate. The inner part of the building cannot be explored as much as the outside area which soldiers would be trained in. In the left side of the Vanguard Garrison is a lot of rock fall, which gives a home to Speed Cola and the Fuel Exhaust piece. On the right side of the barracks is where weapons were stored, meaning both melee and firearms. The GobbleGum Machine utility can also be found, hiding at the back of this area. On the outside is a field of blood and gore, only illuminated by a Pandora’s Box location.






The Docks are the most important area within the whole map. They hold the key to escaping this dreaded place. Rigging is scattered along the edges of the Docks as well, making it hard to walk on. On the right side of the Docks is where ships would leave. All ships have departed and entrances to walk along the platforms are blocked off. But in the centre platform is the skeletal basis for an unfinished ship, on which the Celestial Servant Vessel IX can be built as a means of escape from this wretched place. Around the Docks is the Amm-O-Matic Machine, accompanied by a Pandora’s Box location and Crafting Station utility.



Seventh Sin Burrow


Hidden deep in the backstreets is the Seventh Sin Burrow. Many of the criminals of the province came to the Seventh Sin Burrow to take refuge and made it their home. This den is small, dark, dingy and not pleasant in the slightest. The Seventh Sin Burrow is shaped like a cave, curving inwards. It is packed full of the trophies that have been collected from the various crimes committed. This includes piles of money, valuable goods that have been stolen, weapons and body parts. Hidden among these things are Juggernog and the GobbleGum Machine utility.



Bell Tower



The Bell Tower is a confusing building that is difficult to traverse and was used to alert survivors of bad weather or impending danger from the dead. It can be entered from two doorways that both lead inside of it. This building has two floors that can be accessed by a spiral staircase that twists up the structure. The first floor holds a Crafting Station utility for players to use. This also houses a window that outlooks the rest of the map. At the top of the tower is a bell. It is of very ancient design and looks augmented with many strange mechanisms and technologies. Ringing the bell will give the player who did so a change to their view. The map will be given a monochrome hue, although this can easily be altered again by ringing the bell once more.





An desolate and empty stone field, once covered in life. The Courtyard is a vast and open hotspot for the inhabitants of the province to gather. With a lack of obstructions, the area can be seen as both a breath of fresh air to survive in and troublesome due to the ever growing swarms of the dead seemingly coming from every direction. In the open Courtyard is Electric Cherry, inside of the frame of an unbuilt house. Scattered around the Courtyard are various pieces of debris, such as scrap metal, timber and more materials used for building. This was to be the site of more housing, but this was sadly halted due to not being beneficial for the Avarice Corporation to pay for. Amongst the scrap metal is the GobbleGum Machine utility, while on top of the pile of timber is a Pandora’s Box location.






Your last stop on Cloud Province IX is the home of a wealthy higher up in the Avarice Corporation. A giant Manor that towers over the broken down and hastily made houses of the poor. Arriving at the front of the house, you will find a beautiful and luscious garden with a fountain in the middle. Carrying on, you will be taken to a set of stairs with two lion statues sitting on either side. From here you will be able to enter the Manor through a large door. At the right of the door is Vulture Aid Elixir, while the left has the Clockwork Core piece.


Upon entering, players will find themselves in the foyer. This is a bright room with a lit chandelier, a shiny floor and streaks of blood all over. What was once a well maintained home is now covered in signs of distress and horror. The Jukebox utility can be found immediately to the right of the foyer. If players wish to leave they can either go up a flight of stairs or enter another room to the left.


Going left will take players to the dining room. This contains a long table which stretches across the room and is an obstruction. There are only two chairs in this Manor, one at each end, showing that wealth may not lead to happiness in this world and could cause a distance between people. At the back of this room is the GobbleGum Machine utility.


The upstairs area will allow you to walk down a hallway and pass blocked off rooms. Inside each of them is the sounds of the undead screaming. The one room that can be entered is the master bedroom. Contained in this is the Weapons Locker utility, hidden in a crevice in the wall. This has a large and elegant bed that has been ripped apart. In the middle of the bed is a hole, that leads downwards and through the floor. Jumping down this will let players arrive back in the foyer.



Haunted Reef


“Long ago a man who broke time wished to restore it to what it once was. He ventured out into the ocean and found a piece of obsidian land. After inspecting it, he climbed upon it and found that it was made of a material unknown to him and more powerful than even Divinium. He said that this stone had reality bending properties, which could be used by both good and bad entities if found. The man knew how he could fix things, but it meant that he would have to sacrifice himself. He dug through the rock all day and all night for months, without rest, until eventually uncovering what was underneath. What he uncovered led him to a world unlike any other, the key to fixing things.


The end to that story occurred a long time ago and the world seen before you is the consequence to it. This story began at its end and ended at its beginning.”



After crashing the Celestial Servant Vessel IX, you will arrive at the Haunted Reef. No more rounds will pass, instead players will be thrown into a Round Infinity. Any sound is drowned out by the crashing of waves, screeching of crows and screams of the emerging undead. The uncovered area of the Haunted Reef is an ominous piece of jagged obsidian rock that is positioned in the middle of the last ocean. The whole area is easy to walk on, due to the rough rocky surface being flattened by an unknown force. All around are hexagonal shapes engraved into the floor. These surround a giant stone seal in the floor that is covered in ancient scriptures and engravings. Near the edge of each corner of the seal are wooden boxes on a golden pole, which each have a red button on them. There are four, meaning one is available for each player. At the other side of the Haunted Reef is the Pack-a-Punch Machine, sitting atop a set of obsidian stairs.

This is where you can make the decision to either continue your journey or end it. If all players go up to a box and press the button on it, their soul will be ripped out of their body and returned back to the manor. The Celestial Servant Vessel IX will have returned and can be used after another few rounds. But if you want to completely end the match, all that needs to be done is destroy the seal. Bombarding it with heavy gunfire and explosives will eventually lead to its destruction. A violet portal will be revealed, which will end the match when all players have jumped into it.






Traps are available to find all around the map. When bought, they will activate and attack any enemies in range of them.


Automatic Turret [Cost: 1500 Points]


Electro-Shock Defenses [1000 Points]


Fire Pit [1000 Points]

Cannons [Cost: 2000 Points]


R.A.P.S. [Cost: 3000 Points]




Power System


Blood Consumption Gauge [Use: Player Interaction]:


All utilities in the map will have power provided to them, without need of activation. However to power the Perk-a-Cola Machines in the map a much more complex procedure is required. Underneath each machine is a metal grate. Killing zombies in the vicinity of the grate will cause its blood to flow into it. This will then take the blood to a blood vial that sits next to the Perk Machine. As more zombie blood is spilled into these grates, it will fill up the blood vial. It will take a total of 30 kills to completely fill the vial. Another way of powering all Perks is by using the Daemon Exchange to obtain the Blood Flow.


Once the blood vial is filled there will be a chiming noise to indicate the Perk can be used. The chiming will repeat up to four times to show that there can be a total of four uses from each Perk Machine. On the outside of the vial is a gauge which displays a number. At the start of the game this will show a zero. When more blood is given to the vial, the gauge will increase up to the number four. The number displayed on the gauge will indicate how many uses are in the Perk Machine. With each Perk consumption, the number displayed on the gauge will decrease up until it is zero. This must be done for each of the Perks in the map and it must be refilled if the blood vial has been drained.






Designed by the infamous Dr. Monty, Perk-a-Cola’s are cooled beverages which will have an adverse effect on a player after consumption.


Quick Revive [Cost: 1500 Points]




Juggernog [Cost: 2500 Points]




Double Tap II Root Beer [Cost: 2000 Points]




Speed Cola [Cost: 3000 Points]




PHD Flopper [Cost: 2000 Points]




Stamin-Up [Cost: 2000 Points]




Deadshot Daiquiri [Cost: 1500 Points]




Mule Kick [Cost: 4000 Points]




Electric Cherry [Cost: 2000 Points]




Vulture Aid Elixir [Cost: 3000 Points]




Amm-O-Matic Machine [Cost: 3500 Points]






Special Items


Skeleton Key [Use: Player Interaction]:


In the spawn of the map will be only one Skeleton Key. The rest can be obtained through the Daemon Exchange. After a player has picked one up, it can be used to unlock the various Supply Crates around the map.


Barter Tokens [Use: Player Interaction]:


Each Point that is earned in a match will contribute towards a player receiving a Barter Token. Every time a player has earned 1000 Points within a game, which does not mean they cannot spend the points as it will still count regardless, a dark pink and gold coin will be awarded to players. This currency will be separate to regular Points and is solely for the use of obtaining items at the Daemon Exchange. Much like Points, Barter Tokens can be constantly earned and kept progress of throughout a match.





Supply Crate [Use: Skeleton Key]:


Unlocked with the utility of the Skeleton Key, the Supply Crate is a mechanical box that can be opened by players to either gain a reward or be punished. Once the chest is opened, it will take 3 rounds until it is ready to be used again. There are two states that the Supply Crate can be in, known as “Empty” or “Fueled”. The Empty State is what will spawn on the map at first, whereas the Fueled State will spawn when the Supply Crate is left for over seven rounds.


The Empty State of the Supply Crate is gunmetal chest which has blue lines running through it. The rewards of this are: A random Spell, a free GobbleGum and any wall weapon that costs below 1000 Points. However the punishments are: Grenades exploding and a zombie spawning.


The Fueled State of the Supply Crate is the same box, but it is now Fueled with green energy and has a golden colour scheme. The rewards of this are: A random Spell, a Mega GobbleGum of any rarity, a random upgraded weapon and a Ray Gun. However the punishments are: Multiple grenades exploding, a Gargoyle spawning and all Supply Crates reverting back to the Empty State..



Daemon Exchange [Use: Barter Tokens]:


The Avarice Corporations main way to attain their wealth, Daemon Exchanges are small kiosks which the poor citizens of the raised civilizations. In exchange for certain amounts of Barter Tokens, different items can be obtained to aid with the survival of a player in many different ways. When going up to the metal stall, all items that are available will appear on a very old and static filled screen. This screen adheres to a specific player, if a certain item has already been obtained it will have a red cross through it. From the Daemons Exchange, items that cannot be obtained anywhere else can be found. Some items can be selected to be bought, while others are given randomly at different points.


Skeleton Key [Cost: 1 Barter Tokens]


Curse Card [Cost: 2 Barter Tokens]


Blood Flow [Cost: 4 Barter Tokens]


Loadout Kits [Cost: 6 Barter Tokens]


Celestial Servant Vessel IX Part [Cost: 10 Barter Tokens]



GobbleGum Machine [Cost: 500 Points]:


One of Dr. Monty’s most popular inventions, the GobbleGum Machine will dispense a GobbleGum to players from a crimson gumball machine. This GobbleGum can be any one of the GobbleGum from your Pack and the GobbleGum Machine can only be used once per round. But if it is a Mega GobbleGum that has already been used, it cannot be obtained. Leaving a GobbleGum for too long will result in it returning into the GobbleGum Machine.



Pandora’s Box [Cost: 950 Points]:


Withholding the darkest evil that exists in the world, Pandora’s Box is a wooden chest that is covered in carvings of ancient symbols and scriptures. A purple light emits out of a larger symbol on top of the box, this light will be brighter when the box is opened. When Pandora’s Box is bought, it will open and cause a weapon from an unknown period of time to manifest within it for the user to take.



Crafting Station [Use: Player Interaction]:


A useful asset in crafting together items to create a buildable, Crafting Stations are workbenches which let the user combine anything put on them by using a magical enchantment and ancient technology. Around the map are multiple building stations which can be used to craft a Buildable. The Crafting Station takes on the appearance of a stone table with gearwork machinery around it. When all of the parts for a Buildable have been obtained and brought to the Crafting Station, it will take them and create the desired Buildable.



Weapons Locker [Use: Player Interaction]:


Every game, in a random location, there will be a small piece of paper. If this piece of paper is taken to the Weapons Locker, it will allow players to store a weapon inside of it. This gun can then be removed and replaced without the need of the note until the next match. Only regular weapons and their upgraded variant can be stored in the Weapons Locker. Monument Weapons and upgraded weapons that have been modified cannot be placed in it.



Jukebox [Use: Player Interaction]:


Within the map is a Jukebox made of varnished wood. On it are colourful lights that will flash occasionally. When activated the Jukebox will play a song. The Jukebox will not be able to be used again for another 10 rounds after this.



Pack-a-Punch Machine [Cost: 1500 points]:


Created by a blacksmith in the old west, the Pack-a-Punch Machine has the ability to alter any given weapon in drastic ways. This will upgrade a player's weapon so that it has more power and can deal more damage.


Once a weapon has been upgraded, it can be put back into Pack-a-Punch Machine to trigger a modification on the already augmented weapon. There are a total of five modifications that can be given to upgraded weapons, to even further enhance them. Each has a different effect that varies from the other modifications. If the weapon is put into Pack-a-Punch Machine after this, it will change the modification and has the chance of returning it to a previous modification as all are viable options when upgrading.


Dead Wire: When this ammo type is activated, the zombie it lands on will killed by electricity which will be chained to surrounding zombies.


Thunder Wall: When this ammo type is activated, all zombies within its path will be pushed away and killed by a burst of air.


Blast Furnace: When this ammo type is activated, the zombie it lands on will explode and cause fire to engulf those surrounding it.


Fire Works: When this ammo type is activated, a version of the gun used will appear and spin around while shooting colourful but deadly bullets.

Turned: When this ammo type is activated, the zombie it lands on will be possessed and attack other zombies for a short duration of time.





Rocket Shield


Built from the Illuminant Oculus, Wolf Armour and Fuel Exhaust. The Rocket Shield is a defense against the undead which will have the ability to protect players from taking damage from any enemy in the map. It is silver and has an eagle armouring. When the Shield is unequipped, it will be stored on a player's back. Any enemy hitting the players back will not be able to damage them and will instead deplete the Shields health. If the Rocket Shield is equipped, the peripheral view of the player will be drastically impeded. But any enemies who are attacking a player from the front will not damage them and will just cause the Shield to deplete in health. While in this mode players can activate the rocket burst function and push through zombies to kill them. Three bursts are give to players with the Shield. Once all three are used or the Shield is broken, it can be replaced at the Crafting Station.



Project Butler



Built from the Gearlock Rig, Skeletal Drone and Clockwork Core. Project Butler is an autonomous Android that will assist players by defending them against all enemies in the map. It is a golden robot which functions through clockwork enginery, wearing a monocle and mustache. When Project Butler is initiated, the Android will leave the Crafting Station and seek out the player that summoned it. The Android will then defend the player by using the Blunderbuss as a weapon and killing any enemies in the area. It will walk around the vicinity of the player and shoot any enemies that it comes across. It will always try to kill the enemies with more health if it has the choice. At the end of a round the Android will leave the last zombie of the round alive so that if a player wishes to keep it. Any player that is downed will be revived by the Android instantly. Once it has helped to defend players the Android will return to the Crafting Station and recharge for a short duration of time, after which Project Butler can be initiated again.



Celestial Servant Vessel IX


Built from the Armillary Engine, Stardust Orbs, East Wing, West Wing and the Wheel. Each part is obtained through usage of the Daemon Exchange. The Celestial Servant Vessel IX will be crafted at the Docks. Boarding it will let players leave the map, causing them to crash and arrive at the Haunted Reef. When returning back to Cloud Province IX, they will find the ship can be used again after the cooldown of a few rounds.



Deck of the Cursed


There are nine Curse Cards in the Deck of the Cursed, along with a secret Wild Card, which each give players different abilities. Each card has an image on it and a phrase that a disembodied voice will say upon using the card. The Curse Cards will reside in the tactical slot, which allows them to be triggered at any time. When they are charging they will go black until enough experience is regained from killing, then they will shimmer to show they are ready to be used. Each card can be randomly obtained through the use of the Daemon Exchange.


I.) The Travellers Regret


“Run from your mistakes.”


The Travellers Regret has the image of an old man walking up a mountain with a wooden stick. Immediately after activation, players will be given a speed boost that will let them run quicker than before. When stopping, you will continue to run for a moment and slow down before coming to a halt. Also walking, aiming down sights and readying up will be faster when using this card.



II.) Vampyre


“Eternity is torture.”


Vampyre has the image of a bat hanging upside down with glowing purple eyes. Once this card is triggered, the map will be shown in sonar vision which will show where zombies are coming from due to them being red. Other players will be green but if they are down this colour will fade into grey.



III.) Quantum Glitch


“Time can be rewritten.”


Quantum Glitch has the image of a hand holding a fob watch. This card will give a player the ability to travel to the past if they are in danger. These effects will happen immediately once the card is activated and will leave players in the state they were in a minute prior to when the card was used.



IV.) Thorns


“Pain and suffering.”


Thorns has the image of a branch with sharp thorns. While this card is active, any zombie that attacks a player will die from a barbed wire effect. It is still possible to be damaged by zombies with this effect in use.



V.) The Sorcerers Fortune


“Tribulation or serendipity?”


The Sorcerers Fortune has the image of a cloaked figure holding a staff in one hand and a ball of pink energy in the other. While this card is active, the player using it will gain more points if they land more shots on zombies. Each time they do this, the points they earn will increase up until the zombie is killed which will give them a large sum of points depending on how many bullets the zombie has been shot with.



VI.) Call of the Phoenix


“Rise from the ashes.”


Call of the Phoenix has the image of a bird made of fire flying into the night sky. If a player uses this card, while they are down or they have bled out, they will come back to life in a ball of flames, which will kill all zombies around them. When they return they will have all of the items they had before going down.



VII.) Insanity


“Break my mind!”


Insanity has the image of a man clutching his head. With the use of this card, three clones of the player will spawn and draw zombies away. Other players will see these copies of the player as having a pink glow around them. Zombies can kill the clones but they will also fade away after a duration of time.



VIII.) The Phantoms Haunt


“Be afraid of the dark.”


The Phantoms Haunt has the image of a blue ghostly man floating. When this card is used, the player will turn into a ghostly form that is able to be ignored by zombies. While they are a ghost, they will also not have any weapons but can move around the map without limitations.



IX.) Inferno


“Abandon all hope”


Inferno has the image of a world engulfed in flames. When this card is used, all zombies around the player will be killed by a wave of fire. The rest of the zombies on the map will begin to stumble around while set on fire but will eventually heal from this.



?.) The Joker


“High stakes gambit.”

The Joker has the image of a pink figure with sharp claws. When this card is used, players will be rewarded by being given all Perks, having all weapons upgraded and being given every possible Spell in the map. This will be permanent throughout the game and cannot be lost, even when going down or bleeding out. But only one of these cards can be obtained in a game.




Loadout Kits


Obtained through the Daemon Exchange, the Loadout Kits are character individual kits that will allow players to use a preset loadout. These can be triggered at any time by the player and will be given to them upon respawning, after bleeding out. This can be activated by pressing down on the D-Pad. A character dependent weapon along with a Special weapon, accompanied by a set of two Perks and a Specialist Weapon. The only way this loadout can be lost is by bleeding out. Going down will result in players keeping their Perks and the given weapon cannot be switched out for another.





Player: Alexus Valentine


Weapon: USR (Sniper Rifle) and Storm PSR (Special)


Perks: Deadshot Daiquiri and Vulture Aid Elixir


Specialist Weapon: Sparrow





Character: Magnus


Weapon: Buccaneer (Pistol) and Crossbow (Special)


Perks: Double Tap II and Stamin-Up


Specialist Weapon: Annihilator





Character: Dexter Plugg


Weapon: Blunderbuss (Shotgun) and Titus-6 (Special)


Perks: Quick Revive and Electric Cherry


Specialist Weapon: Tempest





Character: Sergei Petrov


Weapon: MG08/15 (Light Machine Gun) and Death Machine (Special)


Perks: Juggernog and Speed Cola

Specialist Weapon: Purifier





Occasionally zombies will leave behind a glowing drop when killed. Picking this up will cast a Spell on the map which will give players a bonus in gameplay. When each Spell is obtained, Umbra will call out its name and begrudgingly cast it. Each spell only lasts for the duration of 30 seconds.


Stellar Credit


When the Stellar Credit Spell is cast, a random amount of points between 100 to 2000 Points will be awarded to all players. The insignia for Stellar Credit is of a star with a trail behind it.





When the Obliteration Spell is cast, all zombies in the map will be killed instantly by any means of attack. The insignia for Obliteration is of a skull and crossbones.



Cosmic Profit


When the Cosmic Profit Spell is cast, earning points in any form will increase and continue to scale as more kills are gained. The insignia for Cosmic Profit is of a meteor.


Galactic Bargain


When the Galactic Bargain Spell is cast, a sale will be made on Pandora’s Box and the Daemon Exchange. The insignia for Galactic Bargain is of a planetary ring.



Fissile Fuel


When the Fissile Fuel Spell is cast, all ammo and any utilities will be replenished. The insignia for Fissile Fuel is of a battery.





When the Mimic Spell is cast, the player who obtained the spell will be camouflaged from all enemies. The insignia for Mimic is of a crying mask.





When the Chronolock Spell is cast, all zombies will be slowed down and halted to a stop. The insignia for Chronolock is of a clock.



Imbued Decanter


When the Imbued Decanter Spell is cast, all players in the map will be granted a random Perk that they do not have, which will not take up a Perk slot no matter how many a player has. The insignia for Imbued Decanter is of a potion decanter.



Atomic Victory

When the Atomic Victory Spell is cast, zombies will begin to explode around the map. Any zombie that survives and touches a player will also die. The insignia for Atomic Victory is of a biohazard symbol.



Spawn Weapons


Mauser C96-//{Boomhilda}\\





Submachine Guns:


PPSh-41-//{The Reaper}\\


Skorpion EVO-//{Evolved Death Stalker}\\


Uzi-//{Uncle Gal}\\



MP40-//{The Afterburner}\\








VMP-//{The Impaler}\\




Pharo-//{Whispering Regurgitator}\\







Assault Rifles:






SCAR-H-//{Agarthan Reaper}\\


STG-44-//{Spatz-447 +}\\


RX4 Storm-//{Cyclone}\\


Maverick-//{Loose Cannon}\\


ICR-1-//{Illuminated Deanimator}\\


KN-44-//{Anointed Avenger}\\


M8A7-//{The Unspeakable}\\


Shieva-//{Cumulus Struggle}\\


HVK-30-//{High Velocity Kicker}\\


Man-O-War-//{Dread Armada}\\


XR-2-//{Xenon Ravager}\\


Bootlegger-//{Ein Sten}\\





Model 1887-//{Nightmare Voyager}\\


KSG-//{Mist Maker}\\


Blunderbuss-//{Clockwork Butler}\\


KRM-262-//{Dagon’s Glare}\\


Argus-//{Ancient Messenger}\\


205 Brecci-//{Stellar Screech}\\


Haymaker 12-//{Shoeshining 100}\\



Light Machine Guns:


MG08/15-//{Magna Collider}\\


M27-IAR-//{Majestic KSY}\\


Chain SAW-//{Buzz AXE}\\


BRM-//{Blight Oblivion}\\


Dingo-//{Dire Wolf}\\


48 Dredge-//{Trapezohedron Shard}\\


Gorgon-//{Athena’s Spear}\\



Sniper Rifles:


USR-//{Undying Sacrificial Retaliator}\\




Locus-//{Arrhythmic Dirge}\\




SVG-100-//{Ikken Hissatsu}\\


P-06-//{Panoramic Infuser}\\







RK5-//{Rex-Kalibur 115}\\


L-CAR 9-//{Flux Collider 935}\\


MR6-//{Death and Taxes}\\


Bloodhound-//{Meat Wagon}\\




Spartan-//{Solitary Centurion}\\





RPG-//{Rocket Propelled Grievance}\\


XM-53-//{Helical Incandescence}\\







Crossbow-//{Awful Lawton}\\


Storm PSR-//{Metal Storm}\\


Titus-6-//{Vesuvius Dyad}\\


Death Machine-//{Meat Grinder}\\



Wunder Weapons:


Ray Gun-//{Porter’s X2 Ray Gun}\\


Ray Gun Mark II-//{Porter’s Mark II Ray Gun}\\


Ectoplasmic Musket-//{Perpetual Haunter}\\


Monochrome Umbrella-//{Sepia Parasol}\\


Deus Ex Machina-//{Chaos Engineer}\\



Specialist Weapons:


Sparrow-//{Eruptive Dart}\\


Tempest-//{Violent Gale}\\


Annihilator-//{Celestial Onslaught}\\


Purifier-//{Blazing Fury}\\



Melee Weapons:


Brass Knuckles


Grinder Sword





Frag Grenade


Trip Mine








Lil’ Arnie





Alexus Valentine


“Theft? Easy. Vandalism? Easy. Murder? Easy. Overthrowing the Seventh Sin crime syndicate? Easy. Zombie outbreak on the other hand? Not so easy…” (When spawning in on Solo)


“I wonder what happened to brash, brains and brawn?” (When spawning in on Solo)


“I know who you are! You’re that bounty hunter, or mercenary or something, that’s been hunting me down. Tough luck buddy, there’s no reward to claim now…” (When spawning in Co-op with another player, if they are playing as Magnus)


“I guess your mercenary skills show. I don’t suppose you are married, are you Magnus?” (When playing on Co-op and another player gets a kill, if they are playing as Magnus)


“How can you be so small, dude? Its like you the Russian guy took away half your body!” (When spawning in Co-op with another player, if they are playing as Dexter Plugg)


“Good shooting there, halfpint! If you keep it up, I will get Magnus to give you a piggyback.” (When playing on Co-op and another player gets a kill, if they are playing as Dexter Plugg)


“You remind me of my father. He was Russian too and had a beard. Until I cut off his head… They still haven’t found evidence I did that yet. Close shave I guess.” (When spawning in Co-op with another player, if they are playing as Sergei Petrov)


“Comparing how you look to your ability to kill, it's no surprise that you are mowing through these freaks!” (When playing on Co-op and another player gets a kill, if they are playing as Sergei Petrov)


“I knew I should have left while I could. I can’t believe I let him talk me into going looting. I’m not going to be left holding the bag again!” (When leaving the ?)


“Have I had a dream about this place before?” (When crashing onto the Haunted Reef)


“In a world where suffering is our way of life, it is hard to find happiness. Before, I thought the thrill of committing crimes was what made life worth living. But now I have realised it is my friends and beating the Avarice Corporation. For everyone I have lost, I am going to beat them into the ground and suffer for what they did!” (When bleeding out or when the “Journey Through the Clouds” Quest is completed)





“I knew those ships were unreliable. No… I shouldn’t have gone back for the money. Now I have to deal with these brainless zombies. Oh and the actual zombies coming to tear my flesh apart.” (When spawning in on Solo)


“Where did the convict, smarty pants and tough guy go?” (When spawning in on Solo)


“Alexus Valentine? I’ve been after you for over two years now! Now I can’t even claim my bounty because I am stranded!” (When spawning in Co-op with another player, if they are playing as Alexus Valentine)


“From the looks of you, I wouldn’t think you are this bloodthirsty. I think we are going to get along just fine.” (When playing on Co-op and another player gets a kill, if they are playing as Alexus Valentine)


“Oi! Braniac! What’s going on? Why did all of the ships leave early and where did all of these shamblers come from?” (When spawning in Co-op with another player, if they are playing as Dexter Plugg)


“You might be a scrawny wimp but… No redeeming qualities, sorry. Not even if you killed the entire population of the dead.” (When playing on Co-op and another player gets a kill, if they are playing as Dexter Plugg)


“At least I’m not the only guy here. The only other people left are a criminal and a geek who barely qualifies as male…” (When spawning in Co-op with another player, if they are playing as Sergei Petrov)


“We need to get you one of those big armoured suits! Forget annihilating the zombies, you could kill every single one of those greedy Avarice Corporation employees.” (When playing on Co-op and another player gets a kill, if they are playing as Sergei Petrov)


“Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. I’m stuck here again. How many times am I going to be abandoned?” (When leaving the ?)


“I feel like I’ve been here before…” (When crashing onto the Haunted Reef)


“All of my failings in life have come from my own greed. I might not own a company centered around greed, but I am guilty of letting my judgement be clouded by worthless coins. The Avarice Corporation corrupt and make people want to have their ideals. I am not going to be subjected to their manipulation anymore. They are going to burn.” (When bleeding out or when the “Journey Through the Clouds” Quest is completed)



Dexter Plugg


“Oh no, I can’t deal with zombies! I can barely handle regular people…” (When spawning in on Solo)


“Where is everyone?!” (When spawning in on Solo)


“So Lexi, can I call you Lexi? No? Okay. What brings you to such a dingy and broken down place like this?” (When spawning in Co-op with another player, if they are playing as Alexus Valentine)


“Woah! I um, I guess I know not to get on the wrong side of you…” (When playing on Co-op and another player gets a kill, if they are playing as Alexus Valentine)


“What’s your real name? There is no way you are just called Magnus, so what is it? I’ll tell you mine; I am Dexter Plugg, inventor extraordinaire and an expert on cybernetics galore! Hello? Are you listening still?” (When spawning in Co-op with another player, if they are playing as Magnus)


“I guess you’ve handled guns like this before… I wonder what line of work you used to be in, before all of this?” (When playing on Co-op and another player gets a kill, if they are playing as Magnus)


“How are you so big? It’s like all of the growth spurts I was denied as a child were packed into one giant Russian soldier!” (When spawning in Co-op with another player, if they are playing as Sergei Petrov)


“Sergei the Slaughterer is definitely a fitting title. I can see why all of your victims gave it to you!” (When playing on Co-op and another player gets a kill, if they are playing as Sergei Petrov)


“I spy, with my little eye… Nothing. It’s all just monochrome madness!” (When leaving the ?)


“This place is spooky. It’s like any minute, a ghost is going to pop out and scare me.” (When crashing onto the Haunted Reef)


“I don’t understand why I was able to survive over others. People have struggled their whole lives and known nothing else, whereas I have lived in luxury for so long. The Avarice Corporation made my life like that, but I cannot forgive them for everything they have ever accomplished. No matter what happens, whether it is our group or another, they will be undone.” (When bleeding out or when the “Journey Through the Clouds” Quest is completed)



Sergei Petrov


“Ah just like the good old days, da?” (When spawning in on Solo)


“Finally, I am rid of those annoying people. I can focus on killing these flesh hungry monsters!” (When spawning in on Solo)


“So Alexus, I hear you are a criminal? How many men have you killed? Myself? I have killed over 500 men in war, not including the dead monsters we are fighting now.” (When spawning in Co-op with another player, if they are playing as Alexus Valentine)


“How can such bloodlust and ferocity be contained within such an innocent child?” (When playing on Co-op and another player gets a kill, if they are playing as Alexus Valentine)


“Mercenary? So you look for criminals who do things like thief bread and water for their hungry families? You are as greedy as the Avarice Corporation!” (When spawning in Co-op with another player, if they are playing as Magnus)


“Aha, that is some good killing Magnus! Maybe I misjudged you, one day you could be as strong as Sergei and his brothers!” (When playing on Co-op and another player gets a kill, if they are playing as Magnus)


“It feels nice to have another intellectual man to survive with. Just kidding, Sergei is not a smart man.” (When spawning in Co-op with another player, if they are playing as Dexter Plugg)


“You may look like a weakling, but in reality you have a strength and ferocity almost as big as Sergei's!” (When playing on Co-op and another player gets a kill, if they are playing as Magnus)


“I’ve never liked this place… It always felt so grey and bare compared to the vivid motherland of Russia.” (When leaving the ?)


“This place feels wrong, like when I ate my father's cooking… Only not as painful and more scary.” (When crashing onto the Haunted Reef)


“Our world is a harsh one. We fight constantly to survive, but never gain peace. I can only imagine that the other Cloud Provinces have fallen to a similar fate. The Avarice Corporation’s greed will be their undoing. I promise to make sure of this. For my brothers, my new found friends… and for you, Anastasia.” (When bleeding out or when the “Journey Through the Clouds” Quest is completed)





“You are driven by the thrill of rebelling. Many times could you have accomplished great things in your life, but instead you chose the easy option of crime, even going as far as to controlling the Seventh Sin Syndicate as a cover for your mistakes. Follow my words, hear my call. I will not allow your past actions to let you suffer if you comply with me. You just have to trust me…” (When spawning in Solo as Alexus Valentine)


“Your downfall was greed. Much like the Avarice Corporation, all you care about is wealth and fortune. That left you stranded here and made you lose everything you love. I can change that, I can give you security and riches beyond your imagination. Follow my words, hear my call. I will not allow your past actions to let you suffer if you comply with me. You just have to trust me…” (When spawning in Solo as Magnus)


“Success and fame should be enough for somebody, especially in a world such as this. But you are ignorant. You have the best life possible in a world where others do not. Life is taken for granted by you. I could give you another chance. If you listened to me, I would let you live the life you want to lead. Follow my words, hear my call. I will not allow your past actions to let you suffer if you comply with me. You just have to trust me…” (When spawning in Solo as Dexter Plugg)


“The slaughter of the dead and living you have caused is that beyond any other being in history. Your brothers may have killed, but you are a liar. Although you say you only killed 500 people, I know it is more. I know you did it out of anger from losing your dear Anastasia, but what if I could erase those sins and bring her back. Follow my words, hear my call. I will not allow your past actions to let you suffer if you comply with me. You just have to trust me…” (When spawning in Solo as Sergei Petrov)


“Hello my children. My name is Umbra. I will be your guide, I will show you the path to escaping this wretched place…” (When spawning on Co-op)



“Put your trust in me. Rely on me. Your salvation can only be reach with my help, you just have to accept it.” (When spawning on Co-op)


“You must obtain the parts for the vessel. It is imperative that you do so, all of the other ships have left and there is no other way to leave.” (When leaving the spawn room on Solo or Co-op)


“Excellent, the Celestial Servant Vessel IX is built! Now all you must do is escape!” (When the Celestial Servant Vessel IX has been built)


“I did not plan for this to happen… the Haunted Reef is a place of great darkness. Many lost souls have awoken here, the place is scattered in bones and ashes. The undead are nearing and there is only one way to escape… You must make the ultimate sacrifice.” (When crashing onto the Haunted Reef)


“Give in to your defeat. Each of you must die.” (When you have survived on the Haunted Reef for longer than 5 minutes)


“You dare refuse me? If you will not die by your own fruition, then I will send my army of the dead to destroy you!” (When you have survived on the Haunted Reef for longer than 10 minutes)


“Do you think anything is beyond this land? Around you is darkness. All of the other provinces have been engulfed in flames and fallen to the ground. The other ships that had left you behind also seemed to have mysteriously crashed and been ravaged by the dead…” (When you have survived on the Haunted Reef for longer than 15 minutes)


“I knew something must have been special about you from the moment Lux gave you life. Those Scarlet Jail Cells that you have make you immortal after all, but I plan to change that…” (When you have survived on the Haunted Reef for longer than 20 minutes)


“What are you doing? No, do not open the reality fissure!” (When destroying the ground of the Haunted Reef)

“Wherever you are, no matter how fast you run or where you hide, I will find you. When I do, everything you have ever loved will be ripped from you and I will consume your soul!” (When completing the Journey Through the Clouds Quest)



Achievements (250G) or Trophies


A Pirates Honour [5G or Bronze Trophy]:


In Forge, exchange over 100 Barter Tokens in a single match.



Dual of the Fiends [5G or Bronze Trophy]:


In Forge, trigger all Curse Cards in the Deck of the Cursed.



Shadow Guardian [10G or Bronze Trophy]:


In Forge, use the Monochrome Umbrella to banish a horde of the undead.



Scourge of the Seven Seas [25G or Bronze Trophy]:


In Forge, take down K.R.A.B. with the Ectoplasmic Musket.



Plasma Infusion [30G or Bronze Trophy]:


In Forge, provide power to every Perk-a-Cola Machine with the blood of the impure.



Astral Projection [75G or Silver Trophy]:


In Forge, atone for your mistakes.



Journey Through the Clouds [100G or Gold Trophy]:

In Forge, leave the Haunted Reef.

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I only see 3 issues with a map like this: 

1- The cards are a sort of mixture between specialist abilities and gobble gum, and I really don't see their main purpose. Also, the joker card would be infinitely OP in solo considering you'd never lose quick revive. 

2- A lot of things on the map seem to take 10 rounds to re-charge. Well, then at most, you'd use those things twice in a game of randoms MAYBE. The box that takes 3 but charges to 7 fallows the same issue. 

3- You didn't really explain Ammo-matic, which as someone who's been here long enough I know the purpose of as it was an unused perk in WAW that either dispensed ammo, or regenerated ammo depending on if the perk was modeled after which custom map or the actual unused perk. However, not everyone knows this. You could also add some more features to it, like occasionally offering alternate ammo types from regenerated ammo, even without an upgraded weapon. 


Aside from that, I love the concept of where this map is. Post-Post-re-apocalyptic. 4 Baddasses with steam punk abilities at their sides. 

LOVE IT. Only thing it's missing is the secret way to unlock a tophat (similar to the margwa head) that makes you take less damage from the KRABS. 

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10 minutes ago, Stop Mocking Me0 said:

I only see 3 issues with a map like this: 

1- The cards are a sort of mixture between specialist abilities and gobble gum, and I really don't see their main purpose. Also, the joker card would be infinitely OP in solo considering you'd never lose quick revive. 

2- A lot of things on the map seem to take 10 rounds to re-charge. Well, then at most, you'd use those things twice in a game of randoms MAYBE. The box that takes 3 but charges to 7 fallows the same issue. 

3- You didn't really explain Ammo-matic, which as someone who's been here long enough I know the purpose of as it was an unused perk in WAW that either dispensed ammo, or regenerated ammo depending on if the perk was modeled after which custom map or the actual unused perk. However, not everyone knows this. You could also add some more features to it, like occasionally offering alternate ammo types from regenerated ammo, even without an upgraded weapon. 


Aside from that, I love the concept of where this map is. Post-Post-re-apocalyptic. 4 Baddasses with steam punk abilities at their sides. 

LOVE IT. Only thing it's missing is the secret way to unlock a tophat (similar to the margwa head) that makes you take less damage from the KRABS. 

I came up with the cards before BO3 came out and based them off of the Specialist Abilities, GobbleGum is fine and all but I like the idea of something a bit more OP. Also the Joker is a rare card, when you buy them with barter tokens its like buying GobbleGum.

The Jukebox does to combat annoyance of overplaying. I can't find anything else that does, but I've probably forgotten. Also I disregard anything to do with public matches. They are a lost cause in my eyes and trying to make the map adhere to them by stopping the ability to halt progress is wasted time.

Amm-O-Matic is ammo regen. I thought there would be no point detailing only that perk and a lot of people should know it. The ammo type things could be a perk in itself and I really like that idea, I have always loved the idea of something to change ammo types.

Thank you, I am glad you like it. These characters are near and dear to me and this is the map I first came up with them in, I am just glad I finally got around to making it. Oh and that hat thing could be cool, although I didn't think of it because it wasn't a trend when I made it, like it is now XD.

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