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Lucca Bruno


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We upgraded the swords, then interact with the book and went down to get the flag... Then we took it to the junction (or the other  districts) and then our problems begin... Sometimes the flag stays there for 2 minutes and we cant grab it, even when we hear the sound... max amo also doesnt appear... Sometimes we manage to complete the first flag, but when we go to the second one, same thing happens... Anybody knows what to do?

PS. We always use wonderweapon, upgraded weaponn and shit.............

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That's rough. Quite frequently, it takes several tries to pick it up in the subway (solo), but you are getting it real extreme.

Have the host try to pick it up. Most likely the connection was bad. I hope you don't get that again.

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Whoever picked the Totem up to begin with is the Runner for the duration that step. Once that person has placed it and you've gotten the *Ding, have everyone else who's not said person to stay the hell away, for some reason this glitches it and will not allow the Runner to pick up the Totem. 

Once the Runner has picked it up (the Totem), then the Max Ammo will appear where it just was. Head to the next spot you want to place it at, and repeat what was said above. After it's charged for the second time, you should then be able to take it to an Altar to summon a Keeper. 

Hope this helps, and Good luck.

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