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The Mystery Box Eggs and Larva

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Don't know if this something I've missed but I remember @Ragdo11706 posting about a potential step involving the mystery box and returning the weapon. Currently in a game where I put the wonder weapon back in the box and not only do tentacles sprout from the box, I have an egg either side of the base of the mystery box with what look like some form of larva (gateworm) growing inside. Is this something that you noticed when you tried this @Ragdo11706?

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I'm sure they were talking about something else! The things you see are intended. The eggs with larva in them are a reference to Aliens what with the face-hugging look to them. The tentacles are apart of the aesthetic look to the box making it feel like a living creature rather than a wooden toy. I completely agree, though, that one of the Servants may need to be placed into the box. However, depending on what Servant you have will determine what you need to do in order to upgrade it. ehhhheheh, the Community is still getting the kinks out of the upgrade process so please be patient.. ^_^

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Yes and no. The two sacs on either side of the Mystery Box are always there, from the start of the game. However I do believe this is Treyarchs' way of hinting at the A.S. going in a Cocoon at some point. As well as the fact that there's not only one form, but rather two. 

I also believe that this is eluding to the fact that at some point in time we have to get RID of the A.S. In other words, once we've received one of the various quotes we need to buy a weapon off the wall or acquire one from a Pod, ultimately replacing the A.S. 

Hell I would go as far as to say, "I know for a fact" we have to get RID of it. Simply for the fact there have been a few times upon receiving the Ready-Upgrade quote I've replaced the A.S. and spent upwards of 150,000 points and never once received it, nor did I even see it for that matter (in the box rotation).

As far as the Gateworms I personally think they have some relevance. What that is however, I'm not sure. It could be as simple as you just need to do the Rituals to open the PaP room, being they literally revolve around Treyarchs' symbol for "Apothicon".

 I've never understood why they have an actual "Heartbeat". Like they are literally "Alive". We can't hear our own heartbeat nor the Zombies (which are technically dead so I guess they don't have one), or anything else for that matter involved in Zombies, Ever!

I will say (take this with a grain of salt) in the Coding it reads something like this,


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