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Elementals (Meatballs) "Consuming" Keepers


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Alright so I'm currently in the middle of another game. I just started Round 10 or the Elemental Round. Where you have nothing spawning in except for the Meatballs. 

As soon as the Round began, I immediately started placing the "Gateworms" in there basins. Once I had placed all 4 I went ahead and activated the Apothicon Rift Stone.

So as I was kiting the Meatballs and Keepers around the entrance to PaP, I noticed that the Meatballs weren't really coming for me. I also kept hearing the "Screech" of a dying Keeper. 

As I turned around I shit you not the Meatball was attacking the Keepers. Almost as if one of its many mouths ate it. I''ve never heard anyone mention anything about this before. This is also the first time I've ever witnessed it myself.

Now it could just be nothing but I'm not really sure what to think. I have done a few things differently this game compared to most. They are as follows. 


  • Bought Stamin-Up Round 2.
  • Bought Jugg Round 3.
  • Rode Tram Round 4 & got 3 Symbols.
  • Round 5 collected all parts for Shield, Fuse Box, & Rituals.
  • Round 6 "Parasite" Round, began Rituals in Canals *Ding* left Worm entered the "Rift" for the first time. Bought Widows Wine.
  • Round 7 Footlight Ritual *Ding* left Worm.
  • Round 8 Rift/Junction Ritual *Ding* left Worm.
  • Round 9 Waterfront Ritual *Ding* Collected worms in reverse order. I never used a Rift while collecting the 4 Worms. Also I Collected the Apothicon Egg before I ended the Round. 
  • Round 10 "Elemental" Round. Placed Gateworms in basins starting on the Left then the 2 across the gap from left-right (when facing from entrance). Finally the one on the right.


I figured this may help if anyone  wanted to try and recreate this. If this is already known my apologies, as I've never seen any mention of it before. Do you think this is anything or; I just found it odd as I've also had "Parasites" kill the last zombie or 2 if I'm running around with them.



So basically as soon as Round 10 started it was the usual "Elemental" (Meatball) Round. Immediately I began placing the Gateworms to start the PaP Ritual. Once I activated the Apothicon Rift Stone.

Instead of the Elementals attacking me and trying to kill me. They completely ignored me and were Attacking and killing the Keepers. Almost as if they were Eating/Consuming them with one of there many Mouths.


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I'm not really sure. I just know that there are Times when I do the Rituals, once they started the Shadow Man would speak and that would be it. Now when I do them in a specific order he'll say something along the lines of "Here We Go" *Ding*.

Now I'm not really sure the significance of it, but it would have to mean something. For him to go from "Your Sacrifice has been Chosen". To "Here We Go" *Ding*. Although I get that first quote with a *Ding* sometimes as well. 

You'll know it when you hear it. I also think the wall in PaP as well as the 4 Basins you place the Gateworms in to do the PaP Ritual. I think there's a specific order in which they must be placed determined in which order you picked them up in.

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