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What to do with 2XP Coupons?

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So I have a whole butt load of 2XP Coupons and each one lasts for 30 min. I fail to realize what the point of prestiging is in this game since it offers no reward. I thought it would be cool if maybe you got like 15 liquid divinium for prestiging since it resets you or something like that but no that is not the case. So basically what I'm saying is, what should I do with all these 2XP coupons since they're really only useful for getting to lvl 35 for the first time. And, why do people even bother ranking up?

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For a zombies player they're indeed quite useless unless you're trying to grind out max prestige. Maybe save them up untill treyarch gives you a reason to use them. 

You might be able to get liquid divium for them

>Sell them on ebay to kids wanting to get to master prestige faster

> Use the money to buy LD

> Profit

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