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Easy way to deal with Margwas


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After upgrading the swords and getting to the flag step, any time the flag breaks the margwas will instantly die, no matter how many heads they have left. In solo, every time a margwa spawns I run to the rift, throw the flag down and wait until the margwa dies, making it a lot easier than trying to take out it's heads. This might be old news, so sorry if it's just common knowledge at this point.

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Also, Pop Shocks GG, stab him as soon as he spawns.

Or run into Subway, take Rift to Footlight, head right, just past the GG machine, the mawgra teleports to the area under the perk machine so that you can take a clean shot at him. Then just lead him out through junction and into canals as you take out the other 2.

Whenever he spawns in, just shoot his face immediately while he's still recovering from the spawn, if able.

Swords easily take him down: just slash his open head. If you upgraded the sword, aim at his eye/head and hit LT, the fire blade usually just takes one out of you aim and fire it.

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