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Permanent Perks after Completing Easter Egg?

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When I first did the Easter Egg I thought the perks were supposed to be permanent right after it was complete, so once my group figured out they weren't, we decided to end the game. Recently I looked it up and found out that once you complete the Easter Egg, all four players have to survive a certain amount of rounds without going down for your perks to be permanent.  Does anyone know exactly how many rounds you have to survive after completing the Easter Egg for them to become permanent? Also do all four players have to survive without going down, or is it an individual thing? If you complete the Easter Egg with 0 perks, and then buy 4 afterward, will those be permanent after surviving the required rounds?

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The EE gives you nothing in return (a common trait for them recently) not even an achievement, just a meh looking playercard, just makes them seem less appealing to do to be honest.

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The reason why I brought this up is because of a YouTube video by Fantastical Gamer. It's called Black Ops 3 zombies - Get all perks permanently on Shadows of Evil. In the video he goes down a few times and it shows him still having all of his perks. He says that the only way it worked for him was because he survived about 10 rounds after completing the Easter Egg, without going down. When I first saw it, it seemed a bit bizarre to go through that much effort to have permanent perks. The only thing that leaves me questioning it was the video proof. Some of the comments said that it could be a glitch, but how do you activate it? If someone finds out how to do this glitch it might make the Easter Egg worth our while to do, like it should be in the first place. Too much effort is put in to those steps with no reward.

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