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the secret of Wewelsburg castle

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Hey guys i just wanted to make a topic concerning what i believe to be the inspiration ( at least in part ) for this map. during ww2 the evil heinrich himmler set up his headquaters in a triangular castle in the north rhine of germany. the castle was completley reconstructed for nazi use and was basically made into the occult headquaters of the third reich. the castle was full of thule and order of the black sun occult symbolism, statues, decoration and what look like rooms they performed secret rituals. the castle was called Wewelsburg. i think to many people youtubers especially forget that the inspiration for this game was and always will be the secret work of the nazi war machine. i belive the work on the nazi bell or die glocke inspired der reise. i believe the nazi expermints using oxycodone, methampetemine, and cocaine to make troops march 55 miles with no rest inspired jug and the original perks, it was called d-1x.  they were also using the bell for antigravity or time travel research . i would love to hear your guys thoughts on this and your ideas like i said i feel like ww2 and the secrets of nazi research are the key or part of the key to everything.


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