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Strategy for killing Shadowman step on Solo?

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Ok so played last night Solo and got to the Shadowman kill step in the Pap room. I think i was on round 20. I had Jugg, Widow, Double Tap, Arnies, 2 PaPed weapons. What is the best stratehy for this step?? I walked in to the PaP room and interacted with one of the gatekeepers, and the screen flashed white. i am assuming that starts the step. Is it better to just kill all the Zombies first and then try to take down Shadowman?? I think I made the mistake of trying to shoot him and take care of zombies at the same time and got cornered. FML:)

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The best way I've found to complete this on solo is to acquire Danger Closest Gobble Gum and the Ray Gun. Use the Ray Gun to clear the zombies or, better yet, make crawlers. (Because killing the zombies will only make them respawn infinitively.) You have to activate the Keepers multiple times which means you will never catch Shadow Man on your first try at shooting him. You could if you're super fast and supremely lucky. However, I recommend you activate the Keepers, clear the zeds of their legs, then take out the first Margwa that spawns after the failed attempt to capture him. After you've defeated the Margwa, wait for the Shadow Man to be in resting position (He will not be raising the Summoning Key to incapacitate the Keepers). Once he is in resting position and your crawlers are snarling, activate the Keepers and do your best to avoid the crawlers and shoot him. Once he stops teleporting from side to side, he will be in the center next to the ritual table. At this point, you are going to want to hop over to the table while continuously laying into the Shadow Man, he will NOT go from side to side anymore after getting this close to the ritual table, if you give him one ounce of time to recoup he may return to his safe position and you may have to encounter a respawned zed and another Margwa. Fear not if you mess up and have to create another set of crawlers or destroy another Margwa, Shadow Man can only spawn in a Margwa if you fail to capture him. I recommend you not activate the Keepers more than once just so you only have one Margwa to deal with at a time. Some recommend you use the Apothican Servant in order to clear out zombies but the time it takes to shoot and load is time you could've spent shooting the Shadow Man while avoiding crawlers. Besides, once you capture him, everything in that room despawns. Well... I have never seen a Margwa despawn but I assume he disappears with the rest of the undead horde.

Good luck and don't let the tentacle rape you on your way out.

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Maybe Stock Option with the AS, for no reloads? Switch to other gun to shoot shadow man without worrying about the 8 second inconsistent AS reload. Switch, fire, switch, fire, et cetera.

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