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SOE step hunting on Solo after killing Shadow man,

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Ok, I know it sounds like we are beating a dead horse here, but has any one REALLY searched around after killing the shadow man on Solo. Does any one else think its odd that the last step is cut out, yet it automatically brings all 4 swords into the PaP room even though you did nothing to upgrade them all. You guys think maybe the last step is different for Solo and we just haven't found it yet. Like maybe there is a different way to kill the giant octopus on Solo and everyone is stuck on the fact that there NEEDs to be a giant gateworm at the junction. Just thoughts. I am gonna jump int a solo game now and hopefully kill the Shadowman and hunt around. Maybe its one of these out of place grapple areas in beast mode.

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there HAS to be more to it, watched a few videos today to get some ideas...

1. whats up with the unopened rift door behind the pod in the subway?

2. green streetlight/lamp at the waterfront is either a nod to tranzit, a way to get you to look for the jump scare, or actually has some significance a.k.a. we throw something near it.

3. zombies being sucked into the pack a punch machine? wth?

4. upgrading the ww. (my guess is getting kills with it (maybe in a certain place), then letting it go back to the mystery box, and getting it again. hopefully upgraded or able to be put in pack a punch.

I would love to hear other's theories, especially those who actually still frequent this site. not enough discussion in here anymore. is it because everyone wants to keep their ideas to themselves and get the credit when they themselves post a video of something new? personally, I am getting used to Shadows of Evil now and need something more to look for.

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