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Glitched on flag steP.. Grrr this EE

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So finally the team Ive been playing with had the time to get together and make another run at this EE. We were kicking ass. We were at the flag step at round 15. All of a sudden the flag just would not turn into a max ammo. it dinged, it glowed red, but just stayed that way until it ultimately got blown up by meatballs.  It just kept doing that every attempt. Anyone have this happen?? I know the civil protector helps, but do you guys have a sound strategy to deal with this step?? Just seems like stuff is just flying everywhere 

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Having the Apothican Servant and Lil' Arnies really helps. Use those to keeps meatballs out of the way. Make sure you shoot/throw them strategically, you don't want the madness blocking your team's view of the Shadow Man. Also double-check you are picking up the flag after it dings and glows red.

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You're supposed to pick the flag up when it dings. It doesn't change into a max ammo, it drops after you pick it up. Also, only the flag runner can pick it up and only when no one else is near it. If other players are standing near it you cannot lift it.

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