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Shadows of evil second moon theory

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So shadows of evil is one of the coolest maps to date, but I fear it may also be the most significant. I should start off by stating THIS IS A THEORY. Not fact. Possibly cannon, but can't yet be proven so. 


The nature of this theory stems from this: 





This is the orb from moon, it's a weird little ball that for some reason is lodged in the ground on moon. Using an excavator one can uproot the ball, and bring it to THIS panel: 




Here's where things get interesting. 

I purpose the ball from moon IS the summoning key. 

Look at shadows of evil, it's a city filled with trams and civil protectors and several other odd mechanisms, however, we KNOW, that in the 1940s technology was not as advanced as it is in this game. Furthermore, marelton couldn't build a propulsion shield mechanism with a jet gun and sheild on hand, but somehow a boxer did? It's a bit inconsistent. You could make the likely argument that this is another dimension. In fact I'm almost 100% sure it is with the maxis quote. 


But think about this, what if this is even closer to the original world then we think...



What if this is the same panel on moon but a different reality?


It's the lutece principal. All universes have a concept of constants and variables, meaning many things are the same, but never EXACTLY the same. 



Look at what happens, we use a ball to activate a machine, then we sacrifice things at 4 different alters. Once the ritual is complete the bad guys are in control. From here you must team up with the same beings you thought to be your enemy to break the connection to the being that now controls the device, the being you thought was your ally, using the ball again.


This dirrectly mirrors what happens on moon. 


Now, what makes the shadows of evil diffrent then the original universe? THIS: 



Take a look. THERE IS NO MOON in this universe I believe. 


Why would there be? In origins, richtofen was taken to the future, along with maxis.  So in that universe, moon doesn't exist because no one discovered it. It just sits in space useless. What are the Vrill to do? Simple, around the same time, they just sent the tools needed to bring forth their coming to earth instead, where they entrusted the shadow man to keep an eye on the four killers. 





Essentially shadows of evil is THIS universe's form of moon. 

Some key points to note here: 


-The shadow man states that the summoning key is the most powerful object in any universe, that being said, we've seen the power of it. It has the ability to overide the MPD, summon beings, trap beings, and If I had to guess, control 115. With that said, I beleive maxis is actually the ball on moon. 


Now hold on this is where things get crazy. 


I'll walk you through this. Take maxis A from origins, he goes into argartha as a rotor and stays there with untold power to cross dimensions and time with the help granted to him by Samantha B. Samantha A is maxis's real daughter from the origins universe, but now she is never born. 


With his new found power, maxis sends richtofen to shadows of evil, where he collects the artifact he needs. Maxis then puts his soul inside of the shadows of evil ball. He then sends that ball to the construction site of griffen station. 


Meanwhile in universe B, maxis B and richtofen B lived to grow old and fight. Richtofen B gets touched by the same evil that fuels cthulu and such when he touches the MPD. This drives him to create griffen station, fall out with maxis B, and put him in a teleporter with samantha B and the hell hound. This leads samantha B to enter the MPD and gain full control over the dead race of cthulu's puppeting strings: element 115. Likewise maxis B then gets captured and brought to the pyramid. At this time the pyramid had been filled with the souls of others (insignificants). 

Question now: Where did the orb come from. I personally assume it came from the MPD as it's needed to opperate it. If that's the case, maxis A has been waiting within that orb for samantha B to run in, open the MPD for her, and give her control of the undead. When maxis B is killed in front of samantha, his soul is not transfered to anything. The maxis we hear after richtofen B steps into the MPD via his soul, is Maxis A ! He then uses samantha B and the other 3 B to give maxis A control of the station. Maxis A is IN the MPD now, so it makes sense that he has as much control as he does in BO2


With maxis A at the reins, he uses all the control he can to fight for dominance against Richtofen B. 

The main coin flip of faith? None other then "Payback's a bitch! And just so you know so is Russman..." and his band of unloved morons. 

Misty, samuel, russman and marelton will ultimately deside if the universe lives with richtofen B in control, or dies for maxis's purposes with him in control. 


Should maxis succeed, then he sends samantha B back to Origins where she can create origins, thus creating the paradox that is origins


Should richtofen succeed he also has the ability to extend his reach through all of time and space as eddy (which is why some zombies eyes are blue in Origins). 


The question now is, what is maxis doing with all these dead dimensions he keeps purging? 


Your thoughts? 

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If the moon starting music comes on as you complete the easter egg step and richtofen takes the summoning key would that mean either the original moon comes right after shadows of evil or we will visiting moon soon in BO3. Maybe before original moon begins richtofen jumps into SoE and steals the sommoning key and when he goes back to moon it takes the shape of the orb?

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