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  1. Would love to see gameplay of this. You saying possible steps are kills at PAP - audio cue kills at ritual room AND portal - audio cue trace in apothicon servant pap xm 53 shoot statue where u got kills at coins fly from it things to try after this- smash with margwas now that it's weakened maybe it will drop an item to rebuild the upgraded version? possibly repeat steps at other districts. Of course this theory may disprove the purple pack a punch theory, I'll guess we'll wait and see
  2. I believe wherever you originally pick up the margwa heart to build the apothicon servant is where you must first kill zombies by the red ritual circle in that district. Once you get the audio cue people have been getting move on to district you got the next part whether that be xenon after or the tentacle. Get kills in that district by the red ritual circle til you hear the audio cue. Then wherever you got the final part get kills in that district with the apothicon servant by the red ritual circle until you hear a audio cue. Then possibly get kills by pack a punch machine. This is my best guess. Essentially you are upgrading each part individually until you upgrade the whole thing. Try it out and let me know if any part is correct. I'll be trying later today.
  3. Anyone notice in shadows of evil theres a lighthouse in the canal district left of ruby rabbit. Its blinks every so often. I know treyarch has put morse code easter eggs before so this could be another one possibly anyone wanna take a look and decode it?
  4. @Ragdo11706 Still looking to upgrade the apothicon servant also believe its something to do with the margwa masks. Best train routes are water to foot and foot to canal. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dg9iJ9BTXc this video should help I'm streaming the search for how to upgrade here www.twitch.tv/perplexous
  5. If the moon starting music comes on as you complete the easter egg step and richtofen takes the summoning key would that mean either the original moon comes right after shadows of evil or we will visiting moon soon in BO3. Maybe before original moon begins richtofen jumps into SoE and steals the sommoning key and when he goes back to moon it takes the shape of the orb?
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