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Shadows of Evil Fast Camping Strategies.

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Attempting an Easter Egg and trying a few strategies on the map at the same time, work in progress.


2+ players require...

Stamina Up Door shut to the car park, camp on the other side of the door by the trap, there is  1 window here.

The strategy is very fast, you basically spam the trap it recharges very quick and keep the window closed, have one player on the window at all times... easy 40+

We will stream a high round game play demonstrating this method shortly.


Anybody else found a good effective strategy they can share?...



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I'm guessing you got to that area via train then? Those traps are extremely brutal and are amazing; however the Margwas are unaffected by it so things can get pretty heated if they start showing up.

Gotta try this sometime though!

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We only done this in to 30+ but maaaan was it fast to sit here and blow em away, im always on the look for fast tactics and im sure there is plenty on this map.

We just had one player hold the train while others got the Margwas and returned to camp.

I was also tempted to run this solo in to 100 but i hate playing solo lol, if the traps still kill them in high rounds this would be a very easy strat to lure your train in from the car park and just sit here while the trap does all the work, all you have to do is repair the window and blast your way out back to car park when the trap stops.... repeat.

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2 hours ago, InfestLithium said:

I'm guessing you got to that area via train then?

Yeah, and open the portal to get around quicker.

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