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Maxis took young Richtofen under his wings.


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Now this may sound crazy but I went kinda out of the box with this one. In Origins we have two kids Samantha and Eddie both living with Maxis. Samantha directly references Maxis as her father meaning Eddie is not son of Maxis. From their games we see that Eddie portrays the part of Richtofen controlling zombies and Samantha herself.


Now the idea I have here is that Maxis trough timetravel and multiple dimensions we are facing in zombie story took young Richtofen under his wings. To teach him, to prepare him for a mission. Hold that thought and go listen the radios in Giant. Then post your thoughts.


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I'm going to lay it out here:


Maxis trained Richtofen when he was still child to go trough time to secure better future. That Richtofen can be seen in Origins cutscene aka Eddie. He knows a lot about zombies and says he knows more about them than Samantha? Why do they have this knowledge and dolls of zombies and the heroes? Because Maxis gave them to the kids to teach them. In the end of the cutscene Samantha confirms that Maxis has a plan. Samanthat says WE will make everything okay.


Maxis: Look around you Edward, the Giant sleeps. This facility was once alive with activity, now it's a graveyard. Group 935 are no more, what remains of their work has been scattered to the four winds, only echoes and shadows remain. The test subjects can never be allowed to awaken. The havoc that could be wreaked upon the future by such simple minded individuals would be catastrophic. Heed my warning.


Maxis is giving young Eddie a tour trough Der Riese. Telling him that he needs to make sure the test subjects are never awoken.


Maxis: Whoever you are. Wherever you are. I have one message. One message that must be remembered at all costs. The child must be protected.


A Child is no more with Maxis. But that child is very important for Maxis. Maxis sent this message after the child left. To secure that someone could keep that child safe.


Maxis: I thank you for your sacrifice Edward, your courageous actions have opened new avenues of opportunity. It is my dearest hope that we may one day set things right and prevent these terrible events from ever unfolding.


Maxis thanks Edward for the sacrifice he is making as Edward is about (or has already) gone travelling between dimensions to set things right following Maxis instructions.


Maxis: Remember what I told you Edward, the scars left by Samanthas past actions allow us to communicate across the rift. Follow my words, I will find you. When you release the beacon I will secure your extraction and destroy the site. Remember, the burden is yours to carry Edward. The others must never know the truth.


Maxis is communicating trough the broken rift to Edward who is travelling trough dimension. Edward needs to follow these messages for him to reunite with Maxis but Maxis warns Edward not to let others (Tank, Nikolai and Takeo) to know the truth. Edwards goal is to destroy a site by activating a beacon that can be seen trough multiple dimensions. 


Maxis: Day 66. The children are gone and the house feels empty. I miss their laughter, their games. The sirens have not sounded for several months. I do believe that we may have turned the tide of the battle, but at what cost? The radiation levels from the fallout remain dangerously high. I can only pray I live long enough to confirm that my plan was indeed successful and the dark presence that has haunted our dreams, that infected every face of our existance has finally been vanquished.


Maxis sent Samantha and Edward trough teleporter 66 days ago. It seems that Edward succeeded in activating the beacon and Maxis was able to destroy the site. This unfortunately costed huge fallout that will slowly kill Maxis but he is hopeful his plan worked out.


Maxis: She may have been returned to me, but II fear she is not as she was. In recent months she has barely said a word. When se did it was only to cry out for him. To call his name. What have I done?


Samantha returned to Maxis but she is traumatized and only cries for possibly Eddie to come back.


In the Giant cutscene Origins Richtofen who I believe to be the Eddie Maxis sent trough the teleporter reunites with Tank, Nikolai and Takeo after two years. They all have been travelling trough time for a long time. Richtofen having the blood vials of the prisoners suggest he had been at some point at Alcatraz too.

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9 hours ago, Bigyayay said:

I like your theory and I think there are quotes in the giant such as Takeo's quote about his vision of a house of children connects to the origins cut scene

Interesting. The Black Ops III zombies is putting a lot of emphasis on children. When it used to be all about Samantha. Also as Origins name says that's how the zombies start. With two children and Maxis who has a plan and the Giant radios really opens up what happend with that plan.

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